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Indian Embassy In China Cancels R-Day Celebrations

Amidst the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the Indian embassy in China has backed off from Republic day celebrations. The virus has so far affected more than 800 people. The virus has aslo caused 25...


Zomato buys Uber eats

These Memes Perfectly Define Swiggy’s Condition After Zomato Buys Uber Eats India Business

Zomato, in an all stake deal, has acquired Uber Eats India business for a whopping Rs 2,492 crores. This certainly means that Zomato in basically a night has acquired lakhs of new users and restaurants for its food delivery app. This, however,...


#FilhallPart2 Trends As Akshay Announces Sequel To His Hit Song ‘Filhall’

After the massive success of his debut music album appearance, Akshay Kumar is all set for its sequel. His song Filhall that was released last year and garnered over 540 Million views on YouTube would have a part...

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