10 Amazing Facts That Will Make You Fall In Love With “Atulya Bharat”

Famous for its rich heritage, India has a glorious history of being the ancient civilization in the world. The seventh-largest country in the world attracts a larger number of tourists and travelers who come here for unique experiences.

Sounds exciting? It is. Today we are here to tell you some more interesting facts about the country that will leave you amazed. Read and explore more about the country which is loved for its diversity.

Let’s dig in to know more about Incredible India.

Rat Temple in Rajasthan

Rat Temple

 Shree Karni Mata G temple in Rajasthan is especially for rats. The temple premises has around 20,000 rats who are considered sacred and are provided with food. In case if a rat dies, it gets replaced with a gold one. 

Floating Island in Manipur

Floating Islands

The floating islands on Loktak lake are unique and worth exploring. Also known as Phumdis, these islands are home to a large variety of flora and fauna.

Twins Village, Kerala 

Twin Village, kerala

Recognizing one between twins is a tough deal. What if we tell you about the twins’ village. Kodinhi village of Kerala has the highest twin population with 350 twin pairs. This still remains a mystery for scientists and researchers.

Highest Rail Bridge

Chenab Bridge

The Chenab bridge in the Reasi district of J&K is a 1315 meters long under-construction bridge being made for better connectivity across the valley. It is 35 meters higher than the Eiffel Tower.

Floating Stones

Floating Stones

The mystery behind floating stones in Rameshwaram is simply amazing. This is related to the mythological epic Ramayana. The stones found here keep floating even when they are kept in filled water vessels. 

The Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela

A Hindu religious festival is celebrated four times in 12 years. Millions of pilgrims take a bath to get rid of their past sins.

The Hanging Pillar, Andhra Pradesh

Hanging Pillar

The Hanging Pillar at Lepakshi in Andhra Pradesh is an important archeological site in India. The temple has a pillar hanging in the air without any support revealing the unique construction of past civilizations.

A village without doors and security

Village without doors

Shani Shinagpur village in Maharashtra is known for its Shani temple. It is a popular belief that the place is safeguarded by God Shani and there is no need for a door or security.

A Temple for Dogs 

Dog Temple

There is a temple solely dedicated to dogs in Channapatna, Ramanagar district of Karnataka. The temple is constructed to show respect to dogs who are considered the most loyal tamed species to human beings.

Skeleton Lake 

Skeleton lake

 5029 meters above the sea level the Roopkund lake in the Himalayas is one of the most mysterious places in India. Remains of human beings are found floating across its shore.

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