10 Countries That Indians Can Fly To Without A Visa

Travelling is an escape from literally all the woes of the world. Travelling to an unknown land is like finding your happy place where you can just be with yourself. No worries!! No judgments!! just you, the beach and life on a toast.

However, for any traveller who likes to go international with their vacation, it’s a known fact that how daunting the overall visa-acquiring process can get. So, bypassing those woes once and for all, here are the 10 countries were Indians can travel visa-free.

1. Jamaica


Tucked with lush rainforests and reef-lined beaches, Jamaica entertains strong craft tradition, performing arts and distinctive dining options besides scenic locations you will invariably fall for. And guess what? You don’t need a visa to experience any of it.

2. Fiji


Fiji and its 333 islands somewhere in South Pacific don’t seek a visa from Indian travelers. And for the fun sake, Fiji offers an enticing array of distinctive relaxation options including the traditional Fijian Bobo massage that will help you detox and keep the stress at bay.

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3. Mauritius


Whether planning a honeymoon or a family get together, Mauritius and its subtle beaches have got you covered. Notably, Mauritius is often walked by Indians travellers to behold its historical sights, lush forests and distinct cuisine that would inspire you to stick to the land.

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the best place to experience modern life and of course a country that Indians can travel to without a visa. Besides Disneyland, Ocean Park and awe-inspiring Buddha statutes, Hong Kong is also the spot for every shopping freak.

5. Nepal


Nepal, tucked along India’s east is a hidden gem that must be explored. When in Nepal – visa-free – make sure you visit Pashupatinath Temple, a famous Hindu religious site besides its other historic offerings including Boudhanath, a stupa which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

6. Macau


Besides being visa-free for Indians, Macau is famous for its cuisine, casinos and Portuguese and Chinese themed sky scrappers. Macau also has its respective Disneyland where you can hoop with your children for the experience of a lifetime.

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7. Samoa


When in Samoa, you expose yourself to bliss, mountains, reef-bordered beaches and much more. Samoa is known for its calm and tranquility and is a place where you dance to the music of the ocean. Togitogiga Waterfall and Lalomanu Beach are among the must-visit places. 

8. Cook Islands

Cook Islands

A group of 15 Islands lying in the South Pacific, Cook Islands can be a paradise for scuba-diving lovers. The Island nation is scattered around a vast distance in the Pacific and witnesses the presence of coral reefs along its coastline. The country has political affiliation with New Zealand and allows Indians to travel visa-free.

9. Ecuador


This Latin American country cut by the Equator has a humid equatorial climate with rain almost around the corner every time. These rains help the “lungs of the earth”, Amazon Forest reap to its full glory. Also, if you are a wildlife lover or want to watch the best of wildlife hope into the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. Ofc, course visa-free.

10. Bhutan

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India’s royal neighbour and the happiest country in the world (as per Global Happiness Index) Bhutan welcomes Indians with open arms and no visa formalities. This predominantly Buddhist country has some very old monasteries that would take you deep down the lanes of calmness and devotion. Apart from monasteries the state also has hills and valleys that offer a breathtaking experience with the purity of nature.

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