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10 Extremely Useful App And Websites Every Traveler Should Know About But They Don’t

Planning a trip soon? Use these apps to plan a hassle-free trip.

Travelling is the dream for most of us but stuck at a 9 to 6 job we rarely get a chance to accomplish this dream. While watching videos or reading blog posts of other solo travelers you get excited and start planning your own trip.

Finally! something has motivated you. But before you go out on your trip or even start planning for the trip, let me tell you about the 10 extremely useful apps and websites every traveler should know about but they don’t.

1. Ruto

Ruto is one of the best apps for the individuals who are planning a road trip.
Ruto Useful travel App

If you are not a solo traveler, going on a road trip with your friends and family is the best option for you. From finding the delicious highway restaurants to finding the fairs of different tolls, Ruto brings everything to your phone screen. Not only that but the app will also come in handy in emergency situations.

2. Frequent Flyer WiFi password

Just like the name suggests for all the travelers or business people who frequently take flights to reach their destination. This one is a total lifesaver!

Frequent Flyer WiFi password

It’s a hidden Google Maps feature that offers you the information of WiFi passwords of all the airports in Indian and elsewhere. 

3. HotFoot

An alternative to the old and conventional IRCTC app, HotFoot is an app for the traveler who likes to travel through the Indian Railways.
HotFoot Useful travel App HotFoot Useful travel App You can call it a rail tracker app, although there are so many features for people who love to travel by train. Not just Indian trains but the app takes care of all the different mods of transports that you might use during your trip.

3. Radio.Garden

Listen to any music from anywhere. Radio.garden is a website that allows you to switch to any radio station from all over the world.
Radio.Garden Useful travel website

No matter if you are deep in the Himalayan forests or somewhere near the other end of the country. With the help of radio.garden you’ll be able to distract your mind from the beautiful views (that are not that beautiful to you anymore). Although, there are many other online global radio players available but radio.garden provides the simplest and most user-friendly interface.

4. Glympse

For the women and individuals who travel solo, Glympse takes care of your safety while you are traveling to the different states of India.

Glympse Useful travel App Glympse Useful travel App


Available for both the Android and iPhone this app allows you to share your GPS location with your family. If you are a frequent traveler this app solve innumerable issues that you might face while you are traveling.

5. Fakespot.com

Fakespot helps you with the planning of your trip by allowing you to spot the fake reviews.
Fakespot.com Useful travel website

While planning a trip there are so many things that you have to book in advance. To make sure that the customer reviews are not fake and you are not getting scammed you can use the Fakespot.com. The website can analyze the Tripadvisor page for you and tell you whether the reviews are real or fake.

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6. Tripigator

Made in India, Tripgator is the app for budget travelers.
Tripgator Useful travel App

This app can help you plan your itinerary. Based on your preferences that app asks you in the form of simple questions like timeline, budget, destination, theme, etc. the app creates a personal itinerary for its users.

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7. Couchsurfing.com

I understand the concept of Couchsurfing in not quite popular in our country yet but still, you can opt for this option. With the help of couchsurfing.com, you can book your host for your next trip.
Couchsurfing.com Useful travel website

For those who don’t know Couchsurfing is a kind of hospitality service similar to the homestay but more interesting. Couchsurfing is quite inexpensive and suited for many budget travelers. Mostly you’ll see the backpackers Couchsurfing as they are always trying to save money so that they can travel more.

8. Tripoto-plan trips

Allowing you to get in touch with the locals. Tripoto-plan trips help you to plan your itinerary.
Tripoto-plan trips useful travel website

Only locals know about the best places in their town. You rarely find out about the hidden gems of any town on a travelers blog. With the help of Tripto-plan trips, you can include all the hidden gems into your itinerary. Planning a trip with this app will give you the stories of the lifetime.

9. Google Lens

Works on the google image recognization feature, Google Lens is your personal guide.
 Google Lens useful travel app

Simply by installing this app on your mobile phone, you can scan the menu, road signs and other written documents to understand what they actually mean. Not just this but the app also works as your personal guide, so whenever you click a picture of some famous monument the app will automatically provide you with all the important information.

10. AudioCompass

Made by the Ministry of India, AudioCompass make your traveling easy by providing Audio guides to many tourist places.
AudioCompass useful travel app

For the individuals with the tight budget, they can save money by using this app. By not hiring any guide to visit the tourist attractions across India. The best part about this app is that it works offline as well.

In Conclusion:

Although, it seems fun when we think or dream about traveling. But in reality, there are so many things to do before you start your trip. With the help of these above-mentioned apps preparing for your next trip becomes quite easy.

Tell us what are the other traveling apps you use when you travel?

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