10 Foods To Eat If You Have Arthritis

These are the five symptoms or problems a person suffers from arthritis:

  • Chronic joint pain- becomes worse gradually with time.
  • Joint becomes stiff
  • Swelling occurs around joints
  • Moderate to extreme redness in joints
  • Not able to move very much.

So, we understand how arthritis is a severe disaster for patients diagnosed with Arthritis. This disease creates such problems that even daily necessary movements become very hard to perform. It can affect humans of any age & gender and no matter what the ethnic background is. 5 common types of arthritis generally hit a victim: Osteoarthritis, Lupus, Psoriatic, Rheumatoid arthritis & Gout. These all cause a few common and few unique symptoms in a patient diagnosed with Arthritis.

How eating some specific foods can help in diseases like Arthritis?

See there is no ‘miracle diet’ that can help to cure conditions like arthritis. But major diet changes can help relieve some symptoms, but only if you show dedication. We are going to brief you about some foods that can help and may ease the symptoms like inflammation and pain in the joints.

Take A Look At This List of 10 foods That Can Help To Reduce The Symptoms Of Arthritis

Fatty Fish


Fatty fishes that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help to lower the effects of inflammation related to Osteoarthritis arthritis. Fishes like salmon, mackerel, sardines and trouts can give you an adequate amount of omega-3 in your diet.



Ginger when added to tea, soups, and some sweets can give you the blast of flavours. And besides this property of ginger, it also has some other benefits that may help to ease symptoms of arthritis. It is effective because of its anti-inflammatory ability that helps in conditions like arthritis.



Garlic is a food that is loaded with lots of health benefits. Adding this food item to your diet can help you to give overall health benefits. It is effective against the symptoms of arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory properties as scientific studies shows.



There are several benefits of walnuts, I will need a new article to explain all its benefit in detail. They are packed with anti-inflammatory properties & omega-3 properties. It may not decrease the inflammation in joints but it is also healthy for your heart.


Broccoli helps in arthritis

No doubt that broccoli is the healthiest food when it comes to high fibre. A compound known as sulforaphane is found in broccoli that may help to stop the formation of specific cells that are formed during rheumatoid arthritis and cause inflammation.

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Berries helps in arthritis

Berries are a potential food item that may help to reduce the inflammation in joints. These are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, & minerals. They are rich in quercetin & rutin, these two compounds can block some inflammatory processes. There is a vast variety of berries available like blackberries, strawberries, my favourite blueberries and many more.


Spinach helps in arthritis

Spinach is rich in vitamins like A, C, K, iron, folate and potassium. They can benefit your overall health. Adding spinach to your healthy diet plan can help you to reduce the pain and inflammation related to arthritis.


Grapes helps in arthritis

Simply, Grapes have anti-inflammatory properties and are high in antioxidants. These contain several compounds including proanthocyanidin that are effective in fighting against arthritis symptoms.

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Olive Oil

Olive Oil helps in arthritis

Everyone knows how healthy olive oil is and might already be consuming it. The healthy properties of olive oil like antioxidants, monounsaturated fats and vitamin E & K can help to reduce the symptoms of joint inflammation.

Tart Cherry Juice

Tart Cherry Juice helps in Arthrits

Tart Cherry juice is a very popular and healthy beverage obtained from the fruit of the Prunus cerasus tree. Its nutrients and health benefits help in post-exercise soreness and inflammation. Just like exercise, it can reduce the symptoms related to arthritis.

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