Watch 10 Most Strangest Habits In Naruto World

The most popular anime series Naruto features the most entertaining cast of characters. Each one has its unique ability and weirdness, which glimpses in their personality. However, not every habit they have has a positive impact in real life. They can be very strange causing tribulations related to health issues, financial conditions and negativity. Meanwhile, if we take a look at the fans, they have been admiring them all since the release of the first episode of the series, no matter how disagreeable they are.


So Here’s The List Of 10 Strangest Habits Shown In The Naruto World That Are Comical But Should Not Be Admired In the Real World:

Lady Tsunade’s Gambling Addiction

Tsunade Senju, also the Fifth Hokage of the leaf village in the Naruto series, has a gambling addiction. She can’t resist betting everything on the line. In the series, she was introduced while gambling in a casino. For her, double or nothing is the best choice to finish the game quickly, I don’t know but I think that’s why she always ends up broke after playing. Her personality of always getting into trouble and gambling despite being a terrible player can lead to disastrous situations in real life.

Battling Without Planning Is A Style of Shinobi

In the Naruto series shinobi are lightning-fast trained ninjas who are always stuck in battles without having proper planning. The best example to understand this heading is the fourth great ninja war when all the shinobi present at the battleground went all out against Madara Uchiha also known as Ghost of The Uchiha with the intent to defeat him. Without knowing his strength and weaknesses they attacked him blindly and of course, the majority was killed. Some research before attacking the man could have helped at that time.

Kakashi And X-Rated Novels

Kakashi in the series was well known for his desire of reading X-rated novels every free time. Whether on a mission with Team 7 or just sitting ideally, he always preferred reading Jiraiya’s Icha Icha novels constantly. This habit of his created many funny moments in the whole series and Naruto and his friends were seen making fun of him many times.

Sakura And Her Monsterous Punches

In the whole series, Sakura is seen displaying her monstrous powers not only on the battlefield but also for comedic values. She destroyed Naruto’s face many times by punching him constantly. Some fans find it a very amusing and pure comedy but few of them think that Sakura was disrespectful and harsh towards Naruto.

Jiraiya Peeping At Women While Bathing

Master Jiraiya was one of the most beloved and admired characters in the Naruto series. He was called the Legendary Sanin of the Leaf Village because of his supreme combat skills. However, he was also famous for his pervy nature. Naruto titled him with the perfect name Pervy Sage. With the intent to get glimpses of bathing women he often peeps through wooden planks. And he hides his pervy side by giving the reason for researching the sequel of his famous X rated Icha Icha novel.

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Naruto’s Talking Habits To Villains

Naruto, the main character of this series often uses his habit of talking or we can say his ‘Talk no Jutsu’ to convince the villains to stop their evil doings. This habit of his gets his fans frustrated all time because of the boredom. He does not finish his opponents for their evil karmas, instead, he forgives them easily.

Otsutsuki Members Losing Because of Arrogance

Momoshiki and Isshiki Otsutsuki both were bound to show arrogance as if they were born with it. The otsutsuki clan has the most powerful eyes and jutsus of all time and they were the reason or we can say ancestors of every powerful clan in the Naruto series. And of course, this was the reason behind their arrogance and feeling of superiority toward humans. This habit always made them underestimate the power of Naruto characters and resulted in their defeats.

Orochimaru Desiring Either Sasuke’s or Itachi’s Body

In the whole series, Orochimaru desired to take over either Itchi’s or Sasuke’s body. He ultimately wanted the power of Uchiha to inherit their Sharingan (Superpowered eyes). But this was his worst decision in the complete series, every time he tried to take over the body of either one brother he failed miserably. During one attempt Sasuke even killed him and kept his body-safe, but later he was the one who revived him.

Naruto Eating Ramen All The Time

Without a question, the habit of Naruto eating ramen all time is the strangest and most unhealthy choice one can develop. Once even Kakashi was concerned about him eating ramen all the time. He offered him a basket of vegetables to eat instead of ramen. Well, it’s an anime series and Naruto is not going to die because of health issues, but in real life, it would have been a disastrous habit for anyone.

Sakura’s Unique Love For Sasuke

At first, it was a normal attraction towards the opposite sex. But later it becomes bizarre when she constantly tries to attract Sasuke even though he tried to kill her several times.

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