10 Most Useful WhatsApp Features Available Inside Chat

WhatsApp stands as the most extensively utilized instant messaging platform across the globe, attracting billions of users on a daily basis. Owned by Meta, the platform consistently endeavours to enhance the user experience by introducing new features. Recently, Meta has taken a step further by incorporating features directly within the chat window.

Useful WhatsApp Features Available Inside Chat

Here Are Ten Convenient Features You Can Access Within Chat:

1. Sending Short Video Messages

WhatsApp is currently in the process of launching a new feature that enables users to send instant video messages within the chat, akin to voice messages. With this update, users will have the option to record video messages lasting up to 60 seconds and share them directly in their conversations.

2. Editing Text Messages

WhatsApp has recently introduced a new feature that allows users to edit a sent message within a 15-minute timeframe. To utilize this feature, users can long-press on the message they wish to modify and make the desired changes accordingly.

3. Using Disappearing Messages

WhatsApp offers a convenient option to set messages to disappear after specific durations: 24 hours, seven days, or 90 days. Additionally, users have the choice to keep selected disappearing messages in the chat, preventing them from disappearing automatically. To make use of this feature, simply open a chat, click on the contact’s name, and select the “disappearing messages” option.

4. Lock or Hide Your Chats

WhatsApp provides a useful feature that enables users to lock and hide a chat. To utilize this functionality, follow these steps: Tap on the contact’s name, choose “Chat lock,” and then select “Lock this chat with fingerprint.” However, it’s important to note that the chat will not be locked on your linked devices.

5. Access Status With Profile Tap

WhatsApp offers users the ability to view the status of their contacts directly from within the chat. Simply click on the green ring surrounding the profile picture of your contacts, and it will redirect you to their current status update.

6. Export Your Chats

WhatsApp permits users to export and save a copy of their chat data and history to other applications. This feature provides the option to include or exclude chat media as desired, which can be accessed from within the chat settings.

7. WhatsApp Pay

The “WhatsApp Pay” feature allows users to send and receive money conveniently. To utilize this feature, users need to link their bank accounts and complete a verification process for UPI payments. In the chat, users can check the status of their transfers, and all their past transactions are accessible in the payments settings section.

8. Sending Voice Messages

This functionality enables users to send voice messages instantly during a chat, eliminating the need to type lengthy messages. To record a voice message, users can simply tap and hold the audio icon located next to the text bar.

9. Set a Custom Wallpaper

WhatsApp provides the option to personalize the wallpaper for individual chats, giving users the freedom to choose distinct backgrounds. Moreover, in Dark Mode, you can further customize the dimness of the wallpaper by using the “Wallpaper Dimming” slider.

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10. React on Messages With Emojis

This functionality allows users to express their reactions to messages using emoticons. To react to a specific message, simply long-press on the message and select an emoji from the available options in the pop-up panel. The chosen emoji will appear at the bottom of the message, indicating your reaction.

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