10 New WhatsApp Features to Arrive Soon: Multi Select, New Emojis and More

The instant messaging platform, WhatsApp has been continuously sending new updates with very useful abilities. This has enhanced the potential of its user-friendly interface. Now, this Meta-Owned messaging app is releasing and working on some new amazing abilities, which are to arrive soon.

10 New WhatsApp Features to Arrive Soon Multi Select New Emojis and More

Here are the 10 New WhatsApp Features to Arrive Soon Along With the Ones Which are in Development:

1. Multi Selection

  • WhatsApp is releasing a new ‘Multi-Selection’ feature for windows beta. So, the users accessing WhatsApp through the web can now select multiple messages to either delete or forward them.

2. Admin Authority to Approve New Members

  • A new feature called ‘approve new participants’ will arrive soon on WhatsApp for android and iOS beta testers, after which they approve the arrival of new members in the group.

3. Latest Emojis

  • For the beta testers of Android instant messenger is releasing 21 new emojis. Moreover, as per WABetaInfo, a WhatsApp dedicated research portal, users will not be required to download a different keyboard to use these 21 new emojis. An official WhatsApp keyboard is enough to use them.

4. “Push name within the chat list” Feature

  • Presently being rolled out for iOS beta users, a feature named “Push name within the chat list”. So after receiving this feature now admins can see the push names in the list instead of numbers when an unknown group member sends a message.

5. New Text Editor

  • This update is being received by iOS beta testers. A new text editor for the drawing tool is released for the user’s convenience. This new editor will consist of many amazing features like switching fonts with one tap.

6. Group Expiration Dates

  • As per the reports, iOS beta users will now be able to specify an expiration date for WhatsApp groups. This feature is accessible within group info. This date will be customizable, so the users can extend the timeline or reduce it.

7. Mute Calls

  • ‘Silence unknown callers’ is the new upcoming feature which will let WhatsApp users mute calls from unknown numbers. Calls will be shown in the calls list and notification centre but the users will not be disturbed.

8. Call Link

  • “Meanwhile, last month, it was reported that the messaging platform was rolling out a new “Call Link” feature on Windows beta, which will allow users to create a link to join a call,” mentioned gulf news.

9. Split View

  • With the ‘Split Views’ WhatsApp feature tablet users will now be able to split the application and use two different sections at the same time. This means multitasking within the app to use different sections at the same window.

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10. Sticker Making Tool

  • “Meanwhile, last week, it was reported that the messaging platform was rolling out a sticker maker tool on iOS, which will allow users to convert images into stickers, eliminating the need for third-party applications to create stickers,” mentioned gulf news.

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