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Consider These 10 Points Before Buying Air Cooler This Summer

Summer has begun. Isn’t it? Of course! The day temperature in most cities in India has either reached 40° Celsius or is close. Therefore, you may be planning to buy air cooler to beat the heat. Finding shops can be easy but choosing the best cooler for your house is one of the most challenging tasks. Hence, we have listed few things you may consider before buying an air cooler.

Step 1: Decide the Type

The very first to consider while buying an air cooler is to decide the type you want. Choose the most effective cooler as per your room size. For instance; for smaller and medium-sized rooms, choose personal coolers and for larger rooms, desert coolers are the best.

  • Room size between 150sqft to 300sqft: Personal coolers
  • Room size bigger than 300sqft: Desert coolers
voltas cooler

Step 2: Water Tank Capacity

The next thing to be taken care of while buying an air cooler is to check the water tank capacity. The reason is quite simple; the bigger the cooler size is the bigger will be the tank capacity. Thus, choose a high water tank capacity air cooler for effective cooling. Let’s have a look at the given chart –

  • Small rooms: 15 litre
  • Medium-sized rooms: 25 litre
  • Large rooms: 40 litres and above
desert air cooler
Source: Reliance Digital

Step 3: Where to Place Your Cooler

If you are looking for an air cooler to place outside the room then go for desert coolers. For indoor usage, most people recommend tower or personal coolers.

Step 4: Keep the Climate in Mind

You must know that personal coolers are more effective in humid areas, whereas desert coolers are effective in dry climate conditions. Thus, choose the air cooler accordingly.

Step 5: Check the Noise Level

If you have used an air cooler before, you may be aware of the irritating sound of some coolers. So, you may check the noise level before bringing an air cooler this summer. Additionally, you may also check the noise level at maximum speed.

Step 6: Choose Air Cooler with Auto-Fill Function

Refilling a cooler is one of the clumsy tasks, that’s why you may choose auto-fill function air cooler. It is not only easy to manage but also offer more efficient cooling. Moreover, this feature prevents the tank from getting complete empty that avoid the motor from getting damaged.

Step 7: Cooling Pads

Cooling pads are an integral part of a cooler. There are different types of cooling pads, such as wool wood, honeycomb pads, and aspen pads. You can choose honeycomb cooling pads as they are long-lasting cooling and low in maintenance.

honeycomb cooling pads
Source: shopify

Step 8: Look for Additional Ice Chamber 

Some cooler manufacturers have added ice chambers to the coolers for faster cooling. These champers contain ice cubes which make the water cool quickly.

Step 9: Power Consumption

Power efficiency is a must and should be considered while or before buying a cooler. Many modern coolers have inverter technology which allows them to run on inverters. Thus, prefer to buy these types of coolers.

Step 10: Additional Features

Apart from the above, you may look for few additional features like dust filter, anti-mosquito, remote control, etc.

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