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10 Reasons Why Gurgaon Is Actually A “GAON” You Don’t Want To Live In

Working life sucks!!

It sucks even more when you get stuck in the traffic for hours and the travel time goes from 2 to 4 hours.

And by the time you reach home, all 206 bones of your body have melted away with exhaustion.

Relatable? I bet it is!

Having spent last 2 years in Gurgaon, I bet you souls (who live in Gurgaon) can relate to these hurdles you need to cross every day to survive here…

1. Long-frequent-unexpected-unforgiving power-cuts are normal for you!

main hoon na laxman memes

Unless you’re filthy rich and can afford to sleep in AC (inverter wala) or you have an inverter that gives you the back-up for like 2 days…

hide the pain harold memes

You’ll be fed up with frequent power cuts and voltage fluctuations that happens in almost all areas. (It literally makes me think why I moved here in the first place!)

power cut gurgaon memes

2. Without a Car/Bike- Your life is screwed!!

To simply grab a milk packet or eggs- you travel to a market which is in the third world. Coz there is no other option….

gurgaon auto memes

And for poor souls like you, the usual commute is shared-auto. (in which 36000 people travel at once on every nut-bolt)

3. Delhi has pollution…here you’ll have all-time DUST!!

Shifting to Gurgoan has done more damage to your lungs than standing close to a smoker.

You know how it feels to travel from work amidst 100kg of dust flying all around…… like every day. And waiting for public transport is one of those stunts you wish you never tried!

4. Gurgaon Rain – Here comes the Pain!

You know how it actually never rains here…it just drizzles. And then arises the pain in the ass – ‘traffic jams.’

ViralBake Telegram

Only here, you realize how difficult it can get to cross one side of the highway to the other side.

You also have the divine experience of covering a distance of 60 meters in 60 minutes. (Remember maha-jaam)

5. The rent ain’t cheap fellas!

gurgaon memes house rent

Don’t even bring the thought of saving money on your rent. Coz you can’t! At least not here in Gurgaon. And there’s no way on earth that you can find a better and cheaper accommodation here.

As an added thorn, the landlords here charge the electricity unit at a much higher rate.

Did You Know: This city Offers Ladies Night All Week Long

6. No options for evening snacks!

You do get to eat mouth-watering choley-kulchey, pani-puri, momo’s, pav-bhaji……. But the options of evening snacks is limited to a few blessed Haldiram’s and Om sweets.

So, for a foodie, Gurgaon is a nightmare. After all, snacks are all about instantly available options and you know Swiggy is no match for it! *sigh*

7. Vegetables and fruits can be worn as ornaments!

For you health conscious, fruit-eating hooman out there-You need to sell your kidneys, if you are going to try and survive only on fruits and veggies here.

In Gurgaon, everything is expensive. Be it the price of fruits or vegetables- all come with an extra in-built GST, tax, SBT…..Meaning- you’ll either have to choose one or the other!

8. You can never be far from the construction debris!

You are already accustomed to the never-ending construction site, smelling cement in the air and filling your lungs with the generator smoke.

falling building

There’s a lot of development going on here, a metro being built…(A fly-over to space…)

And the cherry on top – roads are always in terrible condition, filled with Everest -sized speed breakers and potholes.

9. Forget them cheap Auto-wale Bhaiya’s!

You always miss those happy and available auto-rickshaw wale bhaiya’s here. Reason? You won’t find any auto’s easily here.

The auto-rickshaw here belongs to a rare species – which you can only see in clusters near metro stations. If you live in a society or sector…Uber is the only thing that can come to your rescue.

10. Get used to the land Full of Goons

You’ll get to hear “Tu janta nai manney kay”  at every corner. Gurgaon (obviously) is full of goons. Here, you can easily spot a daredevil driving a Scorpio or a Range Rover like crazy.

gujjar boys gif

And no matter how hard you try, you’ll end up colliding with one.

My advice- Don’t engage in a fight with these explosive species.  And if you still do, lemme be upfront and tell you this, “Even God won’t be able to help you!”

wasseypur 2 gif

Now that I’ve told you the if’s, but’s and how’s of Gurgaon – I leave the rest up to you.

I mean you all can relate to the trouble that lies in this dusty-rugged region which appears to be gold from a distance! Right??

Share with your mates living in Gurgaon and let us know how they feel!

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  1. And i just changed my mind which was telling me to shift to gurgaon from a while

  2. Did u ever try living in Bangalore.. try it.. It will explain u the meaning of traffic jams (2hr travel to 4hr that u were talkin about).. it will also tell u about cheap rentals and pls add an extremely high security as well.. And of course ur cheap autos.. dont know where u were coming in from.. i ve been living in dis city for 6 yrs and its nothing so exceptionally bad that u dont find in other metros.. except for pollution. and pls dont talk about local markets.. every sector here has one.. dont know which part of the city u are living in. stop spreading misinformation..

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