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10 Secrets Associated With Illuminati – The Enlightened Ones

Who hasn’t heard of Illuminati and the conspiracy theories that come tied along with the term? Don’t give us that blank-face look especially if you are a fan of Beyoncé.

The web is awash with theories that revolve around a mysterious “Secret Society” identified as Illuminati, alleged of puppet-ing historical and current world affairs, governments, various corporations, assassinations and even the historical French Revolution.

Sounds like a fun fictional bed-time story?

Well, it may because unlike most conspiracy theories (including my mom’s belief that a ghost lurks around in our backyard), this one doesn’t exactly have a solid ground. However, that doesn’t stop people from believing in it. Especially, once they come across the reference of the group in books, video games and even songs, of our beloved stars including Kanye West, Beyonce, and also Justin Bieber.

Yes, he is a singer. This is not America.

A Pinch Of History

Historically, Illuminati refers to a secret society founded by Adam Weishaupt – a German law professor. The group operated for only a decade, from 1776 to 1785. The society on a quest to take control over the world began training its members in reason, philanthropy, and other secular values so that they could influence political decisions – for good- when they come to power.

Did they ever come to power? We don’t know.

The existence of the group, to this day, remains an unanswered mystery, and we are in no mood to sprint the path that has answers to the same. Instead, adoring one of the biggest conspiracy theories, we have garnered 10 Illuminati secrets that might enlighten you.

1. A Group Of 5 Perfectibilists


The group, Illuminati, was started by five members in 1776 who operated using fake names instead of their full name. Weishaupt, the founding intellectual named himself Spartacus, and the other four were nicknamed Ajax, Agathon, Tiberius and Erasmus Roterodamus respectively.

The members fancied being called the “Perfectibilists” rather than Illuminati.

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2. Illuminati Opposes Religious Beliefs


If not the whole world, several books portray Illuminati as wrongdoers, a power that wants to rule the world through an authoritarian world government – which is precisely opposite of what they were formed to do. The idea behind forming Illuminati was to oppose superstition, religious influence, abuse of state power and advance knowledge through scientific methods.

So, it is possible that Illuminati – if only any such group exist – are behind the ideas that they once opposed?

3. Blamed For Historical Events

10 Illuminati secrets


As the image of Illuminati as wrongdoers grew, several accusations were levelled against them. People believe that Illuminati is responsible for events including the 9/11 terror attacks, the assassination of President John F Kennedy in 1963, Emperor Napoleon’s defeat at the Battle of Waterloo, as well as the French Revolution itself.

So are we crediting the Secret Society for something things they didn’t do or have they been really busy?

4. Illuminati Don’t Make Offerings To The Devil


They may sound creepy, but the original Illuminati that hailed from Bavaria had no connection with making blood offerings to Lucifer or repeating eccentric satanic chants. There is no evidence that pinpoints that the Illuminati did – or ever has – sacrificed their enemies or members, to worship the Devil.

For God’s sake, they were intellectuals and not some kind of masked ghosts.

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5. Owl Of Minerva – Official Illuminati Logo


If you think the all-seeing-eye with a spooky pyramid beneath is the official symbol of Illuminati, then you can’t be more wrong. The “Owl of Minerva” or “Owl of Athena” known as the symbol of knowledge is the official Illuminati’s image as it portrays wisdom and perspicacity, something that is associated with Illuminati.

The eye on the US $1 bill represents the ‘eye of providence’ and the pyramid with 13 stairs represents 13 original colonies of the USA.

6. Illuminati Was Banned In 1784


The Illuminati was banned in 1784 which back then had 650 members. Take note, that’s what happens when you brag a lot about the existence of a society that is meant to be ‘Secret’. Anyways, the Braviran monarchs banned the organization forcing Weishaupt to flee Bavaria. Since then no one knows what happened to the group and if it still exists or not.

However, that didn’t stop people from writing books on the subject like The Illuminatus Trilogy, by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson.

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7. Illuminati Fabricates Conspiracy?


Several organizations today exist that claim to be a continuation of the original Illuminati. None of the have enough evidence to prove their claims, however, you can apply to join them with a simple email. Moreover, it is a buzz that these groups invent false conspiracy theories to discredit the real global plot that they are a part of to confuse those who are getting close to discovering the truth.

So the next time you play Truth and Dare don’t dare your friends to join the group. Wait, did we just serve an idea that you shouldn’t be trying?

8. Illuminati Translates To Enlightened


Talking about enlightenment, the word “Illuminati” literally means “enlightened” in Latin – a group of members who are better informed and more knowledgeable than those are not in the organization. Intellectuals or scientific nerds to be specific.

Hopefully, that information makes you more enlightened, anyway.

9. The Cultist 3 Tier Class System


Class I – “The Nursery” consists of the Noviciate, the Minerval, and the Illuminatus minor. You can be a part of this level if one of the existing members of the group invites you.

Class II – “The Masonic Grades” includes the sub-grades of Apprentice, Companion, and Master. You need to follow certain rituals and members will promote you from Apprentice up to Master.

Class III – “The Mysteries” includes Priest and Prince, while the greater mysteries included Mage and King. This is the innermost club of Illuminati members.

It begs the question, does such a hierarchy remain in place to this day?

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10. Illuminati’s Headquarter

10 Illuminati secrets


Out of curiosity, if you want to have a coffee with Illuminati members you can visit an underground bunker beneath the Denver Airport, which people believe, is home to Illuminati. The creepy murals, zebra statues, gargoyles guarding the baggage and graffitis in the airport have got many talking about the place and its relation with Illuminati.

So, yeah, a great place for a late-night Illuminati party.

To Conclude

Beliving in the existence of any such Secret Society depends entirely on the knowledge, Illuminati secrets and facts that you have garnered about the same. To us, we are still too busy with bhoot and chudails and we ain’t compromising on them any soon.

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