10 Weird Sex Toys That Would Satisfy All Your Seven, Monica-Approved, Erogenous Zones

Sex comes in all shapes and sizes. Like literally. And once you start exploring these shapes, you realise that you have been leaving in a sex bubble only focusing on that hot Santa Dress and not on the toys the Santa has in the bag.

In a world that appreciates creativity, being creative in bed (especially in winter) is not just about knowing the seven Monica-approved erogenous zones but also about what to use on those erogenous zones.

Thus, we, being our kinky selves, have scooped out this list of 10 weirdest sex toys for all those erogenous zones so you can quench your sex thirst this winter despite being single. Ahh!!

1. Dueling Dicks Inflatable Sword

Well for starters, you can always use this. But I have no idea if a couple would need two of these or just one would work? If you know what I mean.

weird sex toys
Source AmazonCom

2. The Gaga Vibrator

This vibrator, unlike the usual ones, has a camera on its end so you and your partner get exclusive views of the insides of the vagina.

Source Svakom

3. Crave Razor Sensation Tool

I don’t have any idea how to use this sex toy but the company manufacturing this describes it as a sensation toy. However, watch out for that dangerous-looking pointed something.

Source Bustle

4. Sqweel Go

The toy is heaven-sent for women who love oral sex. The ten tongues are not only meant to satisfy you down there but also your nipples. Wait, am I getting too personal?

weird sex toys
Source A Roll In The Hay

ViralBake Telegram

5. Volta

This multi-use sex toy is a uniquely shaped vibrator. The toy is meant to fit around the nipples, the shaft of the penis or the clit. In a nutshell, both you and your partner can use it at the same time.

Source My Little Pleasure

6. The Dildo Sword

Just in case you wanted to be an old-school superhero with swords and shields, then here is your chance.

Source BuzzFeed

7. Tonguetacle

What’s this? A tongue that you can literally tie around your penis. That’s the least sexual toy I have ever seen in my life.

Source Twitter

8. Ear Fxxk

This one has been discontinued but once existed. The whole idea is about penetrating an ear and thinking what am I doing with my life?

Source – Onholeblog

9. Puni Ashi DX

Foot job got real with this sex toy which is an eerily looking foot with a hole at the bottom. You know what to do next.

Source Onholeblog

10. Eiffel Tower Dildo

For a memorable night in Paris.

Source Sutravibes

That’s all what we believe would keep you aatmnirbhar this winter.

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