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Meet 11 Year Old ‘Ali’ Who Teaches Engineering Students After School

I know why they keep saying,’ Incredible India’.

After every now and then a news comes up that makes us say, ‘This is not really happening in India, is it?’. And today, an 11-year-old boy is behind the latest sensational news that is making everyone go bonkers.

Meet Mohammad Hassan Ali, who is a super kid from Hyderabad. He is so smart and intelligent, that he provides coaching to students who are pursuing graduate and post-graduate studies in engineering. Yup, you read it right.

11 Year Old Teaches Engineering

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So, how does he do that?

More like, how the hell is he able to do that, right? I mean, how can an eleven-year-old be capable of tutoring engineering students? But this kid is. Apparently, it all sparked when he saw a video on the internet that showed engineering students doing petty jobs abroad.

It made him think what could be the reason behind it and why did the students choose to take up a job that was not even related to their field. Soon, he figured out what the qualified engineers from India lacked.

11 Year Old Teaches Engineering
And after some serious thinking, it occurred to him that they lack in technical and communication skills.

That’s when he decided that he will help them. Ali himself loves designing, so he started brushing up his knowledge on the same and started teaching the engineering students side by side. And mind you, he teaches civil, mechanical and electrical too.

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How long has he been teaching?

11 Year Old Teaches Engineering

Since last year, he has been tutoring the students. And the best part is that he doesn’t even charge a single penny from those folks. He says that he is doing this because he wants to take Indian engineers to new heights. Now that’s some selfless dedication towards the betterment of others, don’t you think?

He plays every day till 6 after he gets back home and then goes to tutor his students, who are double his age. He aims to teach thousands of engineering students by 2020.

He spoke to ANI in a short interview. Here’s the video:

Way to go wiz kid! Way to go!

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