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Jack Ma’s Farewell: 12 Jack Ma Quotes That Proves No Dream Is Big Enough To Not Chase It

When life throws lemons at you, it is you who decides whether to throw it back to life or make lemon juice out of it, for you create opportunities for yourself, invariably.

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Jack Ma, the man who never failed to dream big seemed to have had understood the above line at a tender age. Therefore, when he, on Tuesday, bid adieu to Alibaba after 20 years, he might have had seen a Jack Ma, from his 20s, unable to believe what he has made out of his life.

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Entertaining a career that has seen rejection at every step, Jack Ma’s life teaches us that we cannot change destiny as it is a scripted fiction. Scripted by the divine himself, who brings you to this world to serve a purpose. And won’t let you settle for any less.

When we trace Jack Mas’s life, it is advent that he had served his purpose quite well. It wasn’t only an organization he built out of blood and sweat but ensured people learn how to do the same. Learn how to face rejection, 30 times, and still look back at life with a smile. Pretending that life cannot break you.

jack ma quotes

His wise thoughts about life reflect in the empire he has built. “It is not easy to be a strong company, but it is more difficult to be a good company,” he said at the farewell event. “A strong company is determined by its commercial ability, while a good company is responsible and kind.”

Mr. Ma has always been curious about what he and his company can offer to society as a whole. Be it implementing 5G or as simple as planting a tree, anything that’s makes the world a better place catches Jack Mas’s attention.

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The richest person in China with a net worth of 3,840 crores USD, inspires us in many ways, even when he donned a guitar and a rock star wig, at the farewell event to bid adieu to a legacy.


Jack Ma and his words will eternally inspire us and the generations to come.


jack ma quotes


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