12 Tips To Help You Lose Weight

Being overweight can attract a lot of health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and more. There are million types of diets in market that lure you into losing weight. But you will be surprised to know that very few among them are healthy to practice and they won’t help in long run. So it is important to lose weight before diseases hit your body.  

You should remember that there is no quick way to lose weight. And it will only be effective if you adapt yourself to a healthy lifestyle. You need to have a control on what you eat in a day and make sure that you are not living a sedentary life. Apart from that you should stay away from packaged food as much as possible. Packaged food contains taste enhancers, high amount of sodium and preservatives that are not good for your body.

Let’s look at tips that will help you to lose weight.

Do Not Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is most important meal of your day. Eat as much as you can for breakfast. Just make sure that your breakfast contains fresh fruits, fibre and protein. If you eat a heavy breakfast you save yourself from snacking during the day.

Eat Regular Meals

Set timings for your meals and eat them regularly at the same time. It sets a clock for your body where it stops craving for unnecessary snacks. It also keeps your metabolism rate high and your digestive system gets strong.

Eat Plenty Of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are low on calories, rich in nutrients, minerals and fibre. They all are good for weight loss. Avoid drinking packaged juice and prefer eating fresh fruits. Juices take away fibre from the fruits which are good to lose weight.

Get More Active

Being active do not means that you need to exercise twice a day. Start taking baby steps and you can start from brisk walking for 30 mins. Slowly you will realize that you are enjoying the active life and you will resort slowly to better work out routine.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Do you know that many a times you confuse your thirst with hunger. Many a times when you feel like eating then your body just needs more water. Start your day with a glass of water and make sure to take water breaks all day long.

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Eat High Fibre Foods

Foods that are rich in fibre make you feel full for a long time which is excellent if you want to lose weight. Fibre is found in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lentils and nuts.

Read Food Labels

This must be sounding absurd but if you start reading the label of packaged foods you will be shocked. There are very good chances that after some time you will not want to put those food in your body and you will resort to healthy eating habits.

Use Smaller Plate

Smaller plate tricks your mind into thinking that you are eating bigger meal. Eat slowly so that your body gets time to assimilate whatever you are eating. If you will eat in rush then you will eat more.

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Do Not Ban Foods

Do not deprive yourself of anything because it makes you feel anxious and uneasy. Give everything to your body but control the portions. If you eat junk in moderation once in a while it will not affect your weight loss journey.

Do Not Stock Junk Food

Your refrigerator tempts you into eating junk food. Stop stocking up junk food and rather fill your fridge with fresh fruits and eat them with no regret when you feel hungry. You can also make a trail mix of nuts and seeds for snacking.

Cut Down Alcohol

Do not drink alcohol too much because it is high in calorie and also causes health problems if consumed regularly in uncontrolled portions. Try to reduce your alcohol intake to one drink a week and over time you will realize that you can have fun without alcohol.

Plan Your Meals

Make breakfast, lunch and dinner at home and avoid eating outside. Make a habit of planning your meals because it will save you from hassle of thinking what to prepare during meal hours. It will also motivate you to try healthy recipes with a twist of fusion. Make your cooking sessions as exciting as you can and you will enjoy healthy food.

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