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13 Creative Ways People Are Opting To Fight Against Coronavirus

As life across the world has been ravaged by the worldwide presence of coronavirus, it has also spoked creativity among people. And these 13 instances of how people are practicing social distancing while being their creative self are the best thing you will see today. Have a look:

1. If you don’t wash your hands, the world is obliged to be racist against you and here’s an instance.

This restaurant added a second handle inside their men’s room today from r/mildlyinteresting

2. No excuse to not exercise, come out at your balconies.


3. Kerala people maintaining social-distance even when buying alcohol.


4. The new way of greeting, which is namaste is getting worldwide recognition.


5. Lock the most precious thing in the world right now.

Someone locked up the toilet paper in this public restroom from r/mildlyinteresting

6. Use a toothpick to press the lift button. Now that is something creativity.

7. Condition of some of the most precious things right now.

Anti theft mechanism from r/mildlyinteresting

8. And a list of songs you can sing while you wash your hands. Wait where is Jumma Chumma de de.

My local Starbucks has a page that offers song lyrics to sing while you wash your hands for 20 seconds. from r/mildlyinteresting

9. Maintain hygiene wherever possible because why not?

If it looks stupid but works, it aint stupid. from r/mildlyinteresting

10. Starbucks has removed all the chairs and tables from its cafes.

Social distancing examples

11. That could be a new sport.

12. Some extinct creatures seem to be coming back to life.

13. Dance away the fear.


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