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13 Different Types Of Bikinis Because They Make The World A Hotter Place

Introduced in 1946, bikinis come in all shapes and sizes and if you have searched enough, you must know that there is one bikini for every mood of yours. And honestly, it is also among the one clothing item that women have a hard time choosing from for there are so many types of sexy bikinis out there.

But thankfully, the makers and designers of bikinis had a specific occasion and body shape in mind while designing a specific one. And to my knowledge, women have a very good understanding of the fact.

But just in case you are new to the bikinning world and have just realised how wonderfully they let you flaunt your curves and want to explore more of its types, then we could help you.

Here is a list of 13 different types of bikinis and when and where you can wear them.

1. Bandeaukini

This one ditches over the shoulders bikini straps and might seem like something that will fall as soon as you take the first step but women, over the years, have been able to manage it quite well and send the temperature soaring in any party they enter wearing the same.

Wearing tip: This bikini a big no for women with heavy busts.

2. String Bikini

Yet another popular type of bikini is the string bikini, which is among the most revealing ones. The bra and bottom of the bikini have strings that need to go around the chest and waist to stay hooked. String bikini makes the perfect beachwear.

Wearing tip: Women with heavy busts and thighs must ignore string bikini

3. Multi-String Bikini

The upgraded version of the string bikini is the multi-string bikini. The multiple strings could be a part of bottoms or the overall bikini and come in multiple variants including sultry to head-turning.

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Wearing Tip – It a good pick for women with shoulders bones.

4. Microkini

A microkini is an extremely skimpy bikini. The motive of this bikini is only to cover the genital areas while revealing every ounce of the skin you own. There are multiple variants of microkini and all of them can give you an oops moment if not handled with care.

Wearing Tip – You simply have to be dare-y enough to wear it

5. Tankini

Tankini is one good thing to start with if you are a beginner at bikinning game. The tankini is a swimsuit combined with tank tops that cover most of the upper body while letting you flaunt the sexy legs you own.

Wearing Tip – Works with all body types.

6. High Neck Bikini

High neck bikini goes well with different types of bottoms including thongs. They cover a good area of your breast and look as great as any other bikini does.

Wearing Tip – Looks great if you own a flat chest.

7. Trikini

Trikini is popular swimwear that comes in three parts – two triangle pieces to cover the breast and the third being the bottom. Dolce & Gabbana had designed trikini in 2005 and they want you to wear them with anything from a skirt or a pair of shorts 

Wearing Tip – Works fine for everyone.

8. Sling Bikini

A Sling Bikini is a one-piece bikini. The bottom and top are joined together with strings. They come in all shapes and sizes including one that only covers the nipple area to ones that cover the whole breast.

Wearing tip – women with hight waistline must not wear sling bikini

9. Skirtini

As the name suggests this one features a bikini top and skirted bottom. But make sure the skirt is as short as possible for it better justifies the term bikini.


Wearing Tip – Best pick for women with slim waist.

10. High waisted bikini

The bottom, usually in these types of bikini go up to the navel area. The bikini top could be one without straps or one with straps and even a high neck bikini top.

Wearing Tip – Best pick for post-pregnancy days

11. Fringe Bikini

Fringe bathing suit or bikini has numerous strings coming out of the whole bikini top around the breast area, which eventually helps you cover some extra area of your body.

Wearing Tip: A big no for apple and pear-shaped women.

12. Flounce Bikini

Flounce Bikini is a tad bit upgraded version of Fringe bikini. This one had a piece of cloth hanging from the bikini cup (usually) which creates a beautiful bust line.

Wearing Tip – Women with flaunting corves.

13. Zipped Bikini

Never too tight on your body, stretchable zipped bikinis still offers amazing body coverage without digging into your skin thus you stay comfortable.

So what bikini are you wearing to the next pool party?

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