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13 Instances Of Kindness Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic That Shows Humanity Is Still Alive & Flourishing

There’s is some good in everything and coronavirus is no exception. As the pandemic continues to rattle the normal life, we have witnessed a whole lot of things. And among these things are the incidents of kindness people have shown as they come out to help each other in the tough times.

Summing such instances of humans being the good samaritans, here are 13 of them that would make you pull the tissue box closer.

1. In a heartwarming incident, a UP cop donated blood to a pregnant lady in Noida when she was in a dire need of the same.
Source – Health Line

2. A Head Constable from Bengaluru named S Kumaraswamy travelled over 430 kilometers on his bike to deliver medicines to a cancer patient.

3. A group of neighbours sang the happy birthday song for an 80-year old lady who is quarantined at her home in Spain

4. As many as 54 migrant workers, who were stuck in Rajasthan, painted a school in the village to express gratitude to the villagers for providing them food.

5. Muslims in Bulandshahr took over themselves to perform the last rites of a Hindu man whose family couldn’t make it to his funeral due to lockdown.

6. People hung supportive baskets from their windows and balconies in Naples, Italy with food and essentials in them for the needy.

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7. A woman named Salbha Uskar, who hails from Madhya Pradesh, donated Rs 1 Lakh she had saved from his husband’s pension to the PM’s relief fund.
Source – Twitter

8. A police officer from Hyderabad paid Rs 20,000 hospital bill of a Himachal man from his pocket who was in a need of an urgent operation.

8. Two brothers from Kolar in Karnataka, sold their land to raise money to feed the jobless.

9. Police is not only taking care of the people but also dogs and other animals by ensuring they are well fed.

10. Anganwadi workers in Chhattisgarh’s Narayanpur district are distributing ready-to-eat meals and dry rations to tribal families.
Source – India Times

11. A teacher named Zane Powles, who is an Assistant headteacher at Western Primary School, is doing his best walking 5 miles each day to ensure children at school are well fed.
Source – India Times

12. A fitness instructor in Sevilla, Spain is giving fitness classes from the roof to ensure everyone stays fit despite lockdown.

13. A couple, Jawed and Asiya, who run a cornershop convenience store in Falkirk, Scotland, have been giving away free COVID-19 kits to help the elderly from getting the disease. 

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