13 Weird Looking Paintings That Were Actually Sold For Millions

Art has no definition, no boundaries but that doesn’t mean an artist can make a fool of anyone literally by selling nothing other than strokes of brushes on a canvas (despite the fact that it makes sense to some, but that’s not me).

And though you might not be the one to fall for such traps (coz literally you don’t have the money too) but some filthy rich people actually do. And they literally pay in millions for these paintings that make no sense to me.

Have a look:

1. The Blood-Red Mirror sold for a whopping $1.1 Million
Source – I Lobo You

2. “Untitled”, Cy Twombly – $2.3 Million
Source – Imgur
3. Orange, Red, Yellow – $86 Million
Source – The New York Times

4. White center (yellow pink and lavender on rose) – $72.84 Million
Source – Wikipedia

5. “Untitled” (Yellow and Blue) – $46.5 Million
Source – The Wall Street Journal
6. Onement VI – $43.84 Million
Source – The New York Times

7. White Fire I – $3.8 Million
Source – I Lobo you

8. Black Fire I – $84.2 Million
Source – Pinterest

9. Concetto Spaziale Lucio Fontana – $1.5 Million
Source – Pinterest

10. Non-Existent Art – $10,000
Source – The Guardian

11. Jasper Johns’ False Start – $80 Million
Source – The New York Times

12. Willem De Kooning’s Woman III – $137.5 Million
Source – Wikipedia

13. Jackson Pollock’s No.5 – $140 Million
Source – Research Gate

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