15 Inseparable Animal Best Friends Whose Friendship Will Melt Your Heart

You got those inseparable friends who you share everything with? Like, literally everything? Happens to be, animals are no different (and that asserts our belief in evolution).

From best buds of the same species to unexpected friendship, friendship has blossomed between these animals that are and now they are inseparable. Have a look:

1. The man who adopted this dog brings him back to the river every day to ensure he meets his life-long friend.

2. That’s some fun sport

3. Never letting you go!!

4. Hey buddies!!

5. That smile is everything!!

6. Give us our friend back you freak!!

7. One of a kind

8. Anjana The Chimpanzee And Tiger Cubs

9. Who said they can’t be friends?

10. Awwwww!

ViralBake Telegram

11. Any guesses what that small animal is?

12. Horse and Husky!!

13. Travel buddies?

14. Get out of there Mr. cat

15. Rufff!

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