These 14 Cool COVID-19 Before & After Projects That People Shared Will Blow Your Mind

Staying at home, all day long can get quite boring, especially if you don’t have anything to do. What do you do then? Well, according to these people, you bring those movie-like restorations (Tarzan would be a great example) into reality and make something exceptional for yourself.

And that is exactly what these 14 great COVID-19 projects are all about. From their garden to their bathroom, people in quarantine with so much time in their hands shared how they made themselves new things to play with. Have a look:

1. House restoration at its best.
My COVID project. Yard and paint. from r/pics

2. This is satisfying.
Covid project. After doing bits after work corona gave me the chance to complete it faster. from r/landscaping

3. The first one looks appealing.
Covid Project from r/ExpectationVsReality

4. Can spend the whole day here.
My covid project. Tons of free time and minimal experience from r/pics

5. Bathroom makeover they say.
Covid project- bathroom makeover. I did the painting and we hired out for the bathtub work. from r/pics

6. Best use of free space.
My COVID Project. A good excuse to burn in the sun. from r/pics

7. Aesthetic is the word.
My Covid Project from r/pics

8. A perfect date setting?
Covid-19 DIY project from r/landscaping

9. This is always coming handy.
We don’t have space for a dining table in our apartmant, so I have made a walnut lift-top table. (inspiration from Make Something YouTube channel) from r/woodworking

10. Best in less.
We completely reset our bedroom for our quarantine project (oc) from r/CozyPlaces

11. Looks like a perfect bed to me.
Moved into a new apartment before quarantine started, gave us some time to upgrade our side yard! We built all the planters ourselves and are really excited to try gardening for the first time. from r/quarantineactivities

12. Both look good to be honest.
Front yard COVID-19 project, before and after. from r/landscaping

13. Oh wow!!
My covid-19 project… from r/pics

13. This must have been hard.
Before and after of my marathon of a backyard project. from r/pics

Which one you believe is the best?

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