14 Posters That Sketches The Difference B/W Modern And 90s Generation

And like every other day, I was shamelessly scrolling through my Instagram and boom!! I bumped into this amazing Insta page named tallncurly1. The comic page caters all kinds of content in images which firstly, you would relate to, and secondly, you will relate to. Haha!! got ya!!

The page managed by a curly-haired princess draws a comparison between how things today are different from the things back in the 90s. And let me tell you, all the illustrations hit the right cord.

Don’t believe me? Have a look at these 14 comical posters that only a 90s kid will relate to.

Believe me, I remember my father’s phone number only because I was born in the 90s. Today, I am doubtful if I even remember my phone number.
90s Generation

Surely the hectic research you have to do because the internet speed was too slow, to be honest.

And today we can’t even go to the toilet without our phone.
90s Generation

Back then, you had one chance or maybe two chances to get a picture right. And surprisingly, they usually turned out to be great, unlike today.

I can feel the pain.
90s things

The most irritating moment was when people will just keep talking on the phone and won’t come out.

Ok Google!! wasn’t a thing back then. You are lost once you are lost.
90s things

The difference between efforts and effortless period.

The tragedy is, people, despite having thousands of makeup tutorials, still can’t get their look right. No offense!! You always learn and grow.
90s things

ViralBake Telegram
Can you newborns just credit us for the things we have gone through? huh!!

No more fooling the youth!!

Still, we can’t trust Google for the best remedies. Will prefer doctors.
old generation

Me and my sister still fight over TV timings.
old generation

As a music lover, the struggle was even more worse.

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