15 Best Study Blogs for College Students in 2022

Whether you count yourself as an avid reader or a study freak, reading is an indispensable part of your life. Intensive reading and rigorous discussions are an important part of a college education. During college, students are taught to read prominent writers of all ages to get an edge on important topics. Upon reaching college, students get exposed to an abundance of reading material that helps them learn. They develop perspective at this stage and try to differentiate between what they aspire to and what the fact is. Based on the competitiveness of the atmosphere, college students can try to work their way up to perform and rank better.

15 Best Study Blogs for College Students

It took a while to sort this list; go through it till the end to get the study blogs for college students right away.

15 Best Study Blogs for College Students in 2022


Since it’s a college website, readers can get to learn about almost anything that can support their career. Students can skim through their blogs from different departments- Law, Management, IT and Education. Most of the blogs are written by eminent faculty at the Best BBA College in Ghaziabad, who has thorough experience in the field to validate the relevance of the information. From career tips to the best courses after BBA or MBA to guidance on entrepreneurship, you can explore all on the website. Students and working professionals can get high-quality, impactful, and industry-relevant learning assistance through the blog.



Driven by a purpose to add life to a lifetime of learning, Pearson provides access to a world-class learning environment. Their blog page is meant to guide aspirants to the best possible. Whether you want to read about achievements or attain potential knowledge through learning. All of this is structured for growth-centric guidance. College Life, Career Readiness & Employability, Community College, Digital Learning, Educators, Higher Education Administration and similar topics are discussed on the blog.


Placement India

Placement India is a web platform for all teachers, schools, working scholars, etc. With the rising competition, every business wants to look for passionate professionals with definite knowledge of their field. Placement India serves as a forum for all consultants, educators, students and recruiters to showcase their talent and reach out to the right audience. The blog provides information and advice to face challenges in the education sector. This blog acquaints students about their career options.


Top Universities

Discover top universities, new courses and the latest career guidance through their blog. The blog site is deeply curated to provide appropriate information to the students. Being a full-fledged website, they are a leading source of information for prospective students. Students can learn a lot about their careers and similar approaches.



Forbes is one of the most renowned names when it comes to getting the latest updates. Trendiest topics related to education and innovation. Whether you want to learn about business tips and strategy or anything related to your career, visiting Forbes will do it all.

Think of information, Think of Forbes.

ViralBake Telegram



It’s more a Google for all kinds of educational blogs that you are seeking for. The website has different categories that you can select from and pick a topic to read on or write about for in-depth understanding. Technology, Book, Music, Art & Craft, Education, Business, Health, it has all that you might look for.


College Cliffs

The website is perfect for your guide to schools, universities, and colleges and will inform you about college rankings, career guides, and college student resources. The website lets you make the right choices and decisions related to your career, college and much more. Pursue what you want after knowing how it can change your life.


Campus Grotto

Campus Grotto is full of information for students who are planning for college, college tips, college life, college supplies, college advice, study tips, college supplies, college textbooks, and discounts. The website is dedicated to providing students with helpful tips to make the most out of their college experience.


Edu Blogs

The website is designed to provide high quality, personal support to students who are willing to go for Higher Education in the US and the UK. If education is a milestone, it needs a lot of tips on managing student life. Everyone can access these individual teachers, while CampusPress is designed for entire schools, districts, or universities. Both come with the same great easy blogging features and tools.


College Cures

College Cures is your one-stop resource for all information related to college, schools, districts, or universities. From study tips to midterms and other college problems, the blog gets you the advice, tips and solutions to get you through it.



University students need to know how to study, how to prepare for exams, how to improve their writing skills, how to make the most of their free time, how to deal with a roommate, and how to get the most out of college and goodwill is one of the best platforms to know all about it. From thousands of educational websites out there, this website is one of the most productive for students to find videos, articles, and other resources.


OZ Studies

The website will provide information and reviews on courses and experiences of planning your career ahead. Search for your dream course and scholarships from Australian education providers. Students can connect with like-minded people, enquire, and apply for courses online.


Naukri Blog

This blog is designed with the working professional in mind. We understand the importance of balancing your career with your education, which is why our online programs offer the convenience of completing your coursework from anywhere in the world, on your own schedule. Naukri Blog is in tune with the latest trends in the job market. Our words and actions always go hand-in-hand. We strongly preserve transparency to be correct ethically, legally and socially as well.


The Better India

With a decent approach, the blog has covered a variety of topics that includes entrepreneurs, educationists, scheduled tribes, and indigenous people. The blog talks about the latest trends in the teaching and education sector.


Career India

The blog site is full of all the important updates that you want to read. All from current vacancies to career options, colleges to the field of study, students can go through everything on this platform. Stay alert with Career India.


A habit of reading Study Blogs for College Students will stimulate their thought process; will bring them close to what professionals think and that too at an early stage. This will empower their journey for a prosperous future.

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