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15 Easy Rope Decoration Ideas To Give Your House That Chic Resort Feel

Don’t you love those cafes and resorts which have that chic feel?

A simple light hanging from a rope, or just a couple of ropes tied together to make a classy wall hanging. That’s what makes those places look beautiful and uber. But wait, you can easily achieve the same look and feel at your very own house.

Here are 15 brilliant rope decoration ideas you can easily do yourself and get that chic resort feel –

1. Use them to hang plants

From plants to vases, you can hang any container, the way it looks stylish.

2. Hang your curtains with this rope decoration

Live a personal touch to your living room, change the way you hang your curtains with this rope decoration idea.

3. Light em up with ropes

Set the perfect mood for a dinner party with your friends or set the mood of your dinner table by hanging lights from the ceiling with ropes.

4. Get that beach feel in your bathroom



There are so many ways to use a rope to decorate your home. Making a DIY towel rack is one of them.

5. Make a shelf out of ropes

Show the world your creative side, hang this book self in your room and let everyone see who’s your favourite author.

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6. Toilet paper hanger was never this stylish

Give a different look to your washroom. Use the rope as a toilet paper hanger and be unique.

7. Make your own cool sign

Create your house plate, door signs or hang your favourite quote from “ROCKY” to decorate your bedroom wall.

8. Your photo frames would better with rope decoration

This is a very good way to hang the favourite moments of your life, without damaging your wall.

9. Make a lampshade out of it

I know you have never thought of using the rope as a lampshade. But now you know you can.

10. Pick some shells and hang them on your walls

No just photographs but you can hang literally anything with the rope. Think out of the box and use your own imagination.

11. Add extra glamour to your mirror

Those fancy mirrors are quite expensive, lucky for you, you can make your own fancy mirror with the help of a rope.

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12. Convert regular candles into work of art

Give the old school touch to your house, decorate candle stands by wraping them with the rope.

13. Replace handle of drawers with ropes

If you are restoring that old drawer with no handel, use rope to make handels, instead of buying new ones.

14. Show off your sunglasses collection

Tie some rope around a longboard and hang your sunglasses on it, flont those shiny shades of yours.

15. Go big or go home

Make a rope swing for yourself, place it in your backward or hang it to your porch and enjoy the sunset in a summer evening.

Enough of imagination. If you really want to have that chic resort feel, you can very well have it at your house. Just take out an area where you can place a large plank. All you need to do is make 10 holes. % at each side of the plank. Make sure that the wood is thick enough to support additional weight.

Tie the rope around the holes and hang it up. Voila, your personal swing awaits. You can even do it indoors if you don’t have a garden area.

All you need is ROPE

Instead of buying expensive items that burn a hole in your pocket you can use any of these rope decoration ideas to make your house even more stylish. All you need to do is buy some nautical ropes and the accessories of your choice to add on with it.

If you don’t want to work too much, just ropes would do. You can fold and twist them to get your desired design.

On that note, happy roping! 
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