15 Things That Makes Us Appreciate The Chilly Foggy Winter Month

I love winters.

How about you? Do you like the feeling of warm blankets and sipping hot chocolate while binge-watching Netflix? Don’t know about you but I love the winter month so much, I am planning to shift to a country that has winters 365 days.

But even if you don’t, there are a few things that everyone secretly admires about this epically awesome month. Here are the reasons-

1. Smoking in the fog

Smoking in fog

The fact that it’s all foggy helps smokers to pass that blunt without being questioned. Coz, no one can see you behind all that smog. Oh yeah!

2. That long drive to have a cuppa tea with friends


That epic drive you suddenly plan at midnight. And for what? That cuppa tea which you apparently get in a dhaba, 100 km away from your residence.

3. Christmas shopping


Shopping is fun anytime. And when it comes to Christmas shopping, its all about costumes and get-togethers. Everyone loves that.

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4. Staying away from the shower

staying away from shower

It’s a herculean task to bathe in winters. And we appreciate the concept of water conservation the most during these months, don’t we?

5. Binge watch Netflix (With bae if you happen to have one)

binge watch

Bae or not, binge-watching Netflix is fun. And with the epic winters, the fun just triples when you have a blanket over you and eyes fixed on the screen.

6. Hot coffee/cocoa in bed

Drinking coffee in bed

Nothing can be better than sipping some hot cocoa or coffee in bed. Ah, I can already feel the taste. Oh, it’s so delicious. Yum-yum.

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7. Flaunting those mufflers and caps

men wearing scarf

There’s no better time to show the collection of scarfs you own. From silk to woolen to linen, its time to wear every scarf your look can pull off.

8. Showing off your leather possessions


The only time you can carry leather with that extra swag is winters. I have even heard people praying, winters to last longer so that they can wear them leather jackets. (me included)

9. Sarso ka Saag


The goodness of Sarso ka saag can only be truly felt in the winter season. And oh, there also has to be makkey di roti to complete the divine marriage.

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10. Perfect season for hibernation

Perfect season for hibernation

Whoever wants to complete the sleep quota, it’s a perfect time. Just grab your blanket and teddy, and go for it. Even though, hibernation is for bears, who cares?

11. You fall in love with your pets (all over again)

in love with your pet

Yeah, pets love snuggling with us during the chilly winters. And so do we. Be it a cat or a dog, or a guinea pig, everyone loves some snuggle.

12. Preparations for new year

prepration for new year

It’s the best day of the year, no work to do, just do parties and make those conventional new year resolutions that even god knows you are not going to complete. EVER.

13. Travel travel travel

excited to travel

Winter brings holiday with it, there is Christmas, there is New Year. And you just caught a fake cold, so that you can travel, travel and travel.

14. Moongfali


Americans need popcorn before they watch any movie. We need peanuts. Oh yeah, peanuts time is glorious when the winter month arrives.

15. Last but not the least -Rum

drinking rum

If you have rum, the cold will fear you, you don’t need the sweater, you don’t need any heating system. So, ek or peg banau kya, thand bohat hore hai?

In Conclusion:

I know everything feels lazy and all you want to do is stay comfortable inside your blanket. But you have to agree, these above-mentioned things are the best part about the winter. I love winters to the core. I wish I could shoft to Greenland or something, but that’s another topic to talk about. LOL.

Even if you hate winter, I bet you can’t hate these 15 things that make us appreciate foggy winter month.

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