15 Legitimate Signs That Will Help You Recognize If Your Are Dealing With Depression

Depression has beome a much-talked issue in the pandemic world as the mental health of most of the people continues to take a beating owing to growing insecurities in both personal and professional life.

Ever since the lockdown has been placed, many people have lost their jobs while others have lost their way in the right direction that they were once so excited about.

All this collectively contributes to depression and problems like unwillingness to do things, feeling tired, feeling a scariness and diminished interest or pleasure in almost all activities.

Source – Health Line

The worst part about depression is that people don’t even get to know when they are dealing with it. A lot of people don’t realise that depression and sadness are two terms separated by a thin line that can ruin a person if not identified what’s what. They tend to wrongly judge depression for sadness wondering it would leave someday just like sadness always does. But, it won’t happen for it is depression one is dealing with.

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Thus, if you have a better knowledge of what depression is and how one can identify it, you can not only help yourself but many out there.

Sharing a word about the same, this lady penned down 15 signs that show a perosn is depressed and we find them very authentic to share them with you.

Recently, Twitter user carolfrancescaa shared an important thread of warning signs that can possibly tell us that a person is struggling with depression.

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Depressed people are usually more silent than the others and want to be alone. A fear of some kind always keeps poking them.

She goes on to mention about mood swings and how depressed people try to avoid others for they think they are not worth what it takes to be around someone. Well, to such people, you bring your own unique good to the world and you must be proud of that.

Other users in the comment section added some more points to the conversation.

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If you find anyone dealing with these signs of depression, you should definitely talk to them and ask them how they’re doing. It helps them feel good about themselves.

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