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15 Youngsters Losses Vision After Watching Solar Eclipse Without Glasses

An incident that will make you trust your mom’s theory that watching Solar Eclipse with naked eyes is dangerous has come to light.

A hospital in Jaipur has recorded as many as 15 cases of youngsters with affected vision post-watching December 26 annular solar Eclipse without any kind of eye protection.

You can watch the pictures and videos of Dec 26 annular solar eclipse here

Solar Eclipse vision loss
Source – India TV

Kamlesh Khilnani, who is the head of the ophthalmology department at SMS Hospital in Jaipur said that the youngsters’ normal vision was unlikely to be restored.

“Watching solar eclipse with naked eyes can result in solar retinitis. 15 such cases have been reported at the hospital. Our examination has found that a part of their retina had been burnt,” he said.

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The doctor further added that despite a treatment that would take over six weeks, the vision of the youngsters can only be partially restored.

Solar Eclipse 2019
Source – The Hindu

As far as the annular Solar Eclipse is concerned, it’s a phenomenon that occurs when the moon, due to its distance from the sun, isn’t fully able to eclipse the sun. This creates a partial eclipse exposing only the outer part of the sun. This forms a ring-like structure in the sky.

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Special glasses that filter sun rays must be wore when looking directly at the sun. NASA recommends welder’s glasses rated 14 or higher if you want to look directly at the sun.

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