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Anti-Smog Guns in Delhi for Diwali Pollution 2022: 150 to Fix the Poor AQI

150 smog guns are on wheels in the capital city of India, Delhi NCR since Tuesday to mitigate the pollution and dust lingering in the air.

The AQI on Tuesday morning was 323, that was on 25th October 2022, a day after Diwali. The average AQI on the next day of Diwali last year was 462. So, even if it wasn’t the best result, it was still a progress.

To make it even better, Environment Minister of India, Gopal Rai deployed 150 anti-smog guns across the capital of India, Delhi. These guns are supposed to work around the 70 assembly constituencies in Delhi from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M. today.

In addition to these, more guns will be roaming and working in the hotspot areas of Delhi starting with the places having the worst Air Quality Index.

These anti-smog guns are mounted on trucks and flush fine mist in the air that settles the dust and pollution. It leaves the air dust and pollution free, lowering the Air Quality Index to a better number.

Gopal Rai recalled that only 10 anti-smog guns were deployed last year, the day after Diwali. This time, the pollution level is 30% less than the previous year and there are 150 anti-smog guns out there so we can expect a great change in the quality of air we are breathing.

He also pointed out that the AQI is 323 this year as compared to the previous year’s average AQI of 462.

He also mentioned that some people burst crackers despite the ban but he is optimistic that people will get more awareness of the situation with time. It will help the government to provide better air quality to the residents with reduced pollution in the coming times.

He also confirmed that the stubble burning in Punjab was relatively lower on Diwali in comparison to what happened last year.


Any contribution to the pollution counts. Be it farm burning or enjoying crackers but I would like to mention that we should be mindful enough to allocate our needs. We should understand that burning farms is essential to grow crops but cracker burning does no good to you.

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