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17 “Bhaukal” Facts About Mirzapur You Should Know About

After Netflix’s take on Indian market by releasing Sacred Games, Amazon came up with their own Indian original series, Mirzapur. And damn, that’s awesome.

“Abse Mirzapur par Tripathio ka raaj hoga.”

Most of you have already watched the series and possibly fall in love with the characters of Munna and Guddu. But, do you know Divyendu Sharma himself felt offended while doing Munna’s character? He felt embarrassed while saying dialogues like, “Aao… aao… aao… Family get-together chal ra hai, mata ji bhi yaha hai, behen yaha hai, maa behen ek krne mai asani hogi.”

Just like this, here some cool and interesting facts about the Mirzapur series.


Mirzapur facts

He also happens to be the head of Maths department of Gajjumal college.


Mirzapur facts

A real butcher was called in specifically for that shot.


Mirzapur facts

He is working for Kaleen Bhaiya for a very long time and he is one of the oldest kabootar (gun distributor).


Mirzapur facts

Brijesh ji-the accountant works only for the Tripathi’s. He is the oldest serving employee if you don’t consider Maqbool as one.


Mirzapur facts

Barfi is actually Opium, a reddish-brown, heavy-scented drug.


Mirzapur facts

Uday Pratap college is an actual college in UP.


Mirzapur facts

Until the end of the first episode they were pursuing B’com, but later, they decided to drop out of college by accepting Kaleen Bhaiya’s offer.


Mirzapur facts

Only the Bahubali can sit on the throne chair.

When Guddu and Bablu first meet Akhanda, he was sitting beside his son, not on the throne. But when he asked them to join, he sits on the throne. At first, he was talking like a father, but then he offered the job as a don.

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Mirzapur facts

Kaleen Bhaiya owns a dozen S10.


Mirzapur facts

But when Akhanda meets Lala for the first time, they both come half way from their respective towns, to the state’s center.


Mirzapur facts

I guess all the PUBG fans have already noticed it.


Mirzapur facts

The real name of the movie hall was actually Navrang Cinema and it is not in Mirzapur but in Mumbai.


Mirzapur facts

The first one was made by melting dark chocolate and adding milk to it, while the other one was made from dark clay.


Mirzapur facts

The action director had told her that tomato would come from the right side, though it came from left. This helped to capture a more natural reaction.


Mirzapur facts

Munna and Compounder are not just friends for the show but they happen to be close college friends in their real life. Now go and watch the scene where Munna Kills Compounder.


Mirzapur facts

For example, Baba Tea stall is named after the show’s cinematographer, Sanjay Kapoor, who is also known as Baba among the crew.


Mirzapur facts

The last meeting of Akhanda and Maurya, where he has kept Maurya as his hostage was actually the first scene that was shot between them.

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In Conclusion:

Mirzapur is certainly a good series and I am becoming a bigger fan of ‘Pankaj Tripathi’ aka Kaleen Bhaiya. In case you haven’t watched it yet, just go and watch 9 cool episodes of Kaleen Bhaiya and his kingdom, Mirzapur.

Did you have fun reading these cool and interesting facts?

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