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17 Indian Halloween Party Costume Inspired From Indian Mythology

Halloween fever has crossed international borders.

As a result, people across the USA and India remain equally excited about getting dressed as monsters and witches to celebrate Halloween. And why not? It’s so much fun. But every year, the confusion of which character to choose and what makeup to go with boggles my mind.

I bet, so does yours. So, to cut you out your misery, here are the exotic monsters and ghosts that you can be on the night of 31st October, that will definitely make you stand out of the crowd-

1. Indian churail- Witch

Just put on a plain black dress and do the Gothic over the top make-up. Pump it up by adding those fake Rudraksha beads around your neck and voila, you are all set. For that extra eeriness, use white contact lenses and I bet you will make someone pee in their pants if you stare at them long enough. My personal favorite.

2. Caveman

The look of traditional cannibalistic cavemen, who used to roam the world in ancient times. This one is pretty easy to do guys, and hey even you can be dramatic. Just add a little blood (red wine I mean) over your clothes.

3. Goddess Kali

Ok, this one is downright terrifying. This goddess is famous for killing monsters and wearing a garland of skulls around her neck. She drinks the blood of demons and there isn’t any doubt that she looks fierce and scary. Just look at that red tongue! Do I need to say more, why you should go for this look girls?

4.  Kalyug Shiva

I bet this would look damn cool. I mean look at the kalyug version of our mighty Shiva. Paint your body blue and just add that tripund (the teeka on forehead)  You are sure to look every bit dashing and scary at the same time. You have my word on this one, guys. This look will make you rock.

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5. Yogini

Yeah, I know you never thought that you can be this character. So did I. But just look at how sexy the whole ‘Yogini’ avatar is. Smear white ash all over and weave your hair in a way that it looks like deadlocks. Add smoky makeup and dark lipstick. Voila, you are ready to shine gurl.

6. Indian Aghori

Ok, this one requires minimal effort. Minimal to no clothing (only if you can afford to go nude), just roll over oil and then smear ash across your face and exposed skin. Add lots of beaads and Gothic garlands. You are ready to go.

7. Aatma (The typical white saree one)

Just do this makeup, and wear a white saree. Put on some light color lenses and you are sorted. Gurl, people will run away when they see you approaching on streets. This is the best one with minimal effort. I might go for this look.

8. Joker

Indians aren’t far behind, in terms of craze about the ‘Joker’ character. Just put on a classy suit, and paint half your face on this theme. If you have time in your hands, go for the full face. Both will look equally terrifying, that’s for sure.

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9. Typical Witch

Pick a black long robe, buy an apple. Put on the exact makeup and paint eyes over your eyelids. No one is going to even dare ask for a bite from that apple, just saying. And you will be served right in the party because I’m sure no one wants a curse.

10. Venom

Now that Venom got released in India, you can flaunt the latest monster in swag people. Put on that black shirt and with this makeup, you will definitely get the attention you always wanted.

11. Half-painted Monster Girl

This look will be awesome if your guy does the Venom look. He-He. You would look made for each other. Anyway, girls, just slide in your pretty black dress and paint this on your face. You are done for Halloween.

12. Werewolf

I think this werewolf theme along with any bright green or yellow colored lenses will be more than enough for a Halloween party. And guys, you will still look every bit of handsome in this look.

13. Stitched face

Indian Halloween Costume Ideas

Simple, yet beautifully scary. This half-stiched face requires very less time and effort, but the result is amazing. Pop-in some bright eye makeup and put on a sexy short dress. You’ll love yourself.

14. The NUN

Guys, this is the most horrific look that you can go for. Even though the movie sucked, this get-up won’t. All you need to do is steal away the clothes of a nun, from a church and oh, don’t forget the glowing lenses. (Psst… don’t take the stealing part seriously)

15. Oujja board

How about you dress as an object rather than a character? Yeah, you can even be an ouija board. And that too a sexy one. Put on all black and get this painted over your body. Spirits or not, but people surely will get attracted to you.

16. Lajja Shankar Pandey

Indian Halloween Costume Ideas

Guys, if you want to really freak the hell out of anyone, without practically doing anything, just clad up in a red saree and keep drinking red wine, while opening your mouth to yell after every now and then. Don’t worry about the stains. But trust me, if you pull this off, you will be remembered.

17. Manjulika

Indian Halloween Costume Ideas

You don’t need any introduction to our own ‘Majulika’. After all, to date, she has been one of the most creepy-looking and possessed characters which emerged from Indian cinema. So, if you want to go for a desi look, here it is. Spoil your make up and ruin your hair, the messier, the better.

So, which one are you going to pick? 
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