17 Smart Hacks To Create A Job-Winning Resume

Are you expecting that you might forward your resume to someone very soon? If that’s the case you will need to create a job-winning resume or get it updated to boost your first impression. So, below are some of the most effective hacks to create your job-ready resume.


Take A Look At 17 Smartest Hacks To Crack Your Way To Cushy Career

1. Exclude The Objective Section

If you think you can type the objectives in your resume or CV and it stands out from others then still it’s not going to work. No organization is interested in knowing what it can offer you, instead you should mention your experiences and skill sets more efficiently to let them know what you can offer to them.

2. Pick Related Job Keywords

Hundreds of CVs or resumes go in and out of the box in large organizations. Thousands of applicants mail their resumes for one single position that the company had to assess. So, the initial scanning of these resumes is carried out by bots, to be specific it’s called Applicant Tracking System or ATS. That’s why you will have to customize your resume by adding some of the most relatable keywords you can find. However, please don’t overdo it.

3. More Text Less Graphics

A simple layout of your resume is much more helpful when it is being scanned with ATS. More visuals like logos, infographics, fancy icons, colorful fonts, etc, can get your job application to get rejected. So, use more text with bold fonts, and keep your resume as much as professional as you can. Especially when you are looking for Jobs vacancy for freshers.

4. Customize Your Resume Style

To be more precise- you should mention the relevant information first like experience, and pen down the less prior things last like personal information, and education. Your hirer will be more interested in checking your job-relevant experience rather than checking from where you have pursued your education.

5. Relevant Headings

To impress the ATS, you must include heavy words or relevant headings like ‘education’, qualification, skills, etc. ATS has a set of rules according to which it accepts or rejects an applicant’s resume. So, to get this algorithm in your favor you must customize your resume with impactful headings.

6. Highlight The Brands

Always highlight the brands to which you have contributed in making. Mention the major organization you have worked with first then the others to impress the hirer.

7. Achievements Are The Main Focus

In comparison, your job responsibilities and roles are less to be read by an employer than your achievements. Your achievements will clearly show the outcome of your hard work and how they have benefited your previous employer.

8. Be More Realistic With Numbers

Your achievements are not floating in the air that your hirer can see. And neither the smart words can describe them as specifically the numbers can. Add your achievements in the form of statistical data like the growth of conversion rates and sales percentage, etc.

9. Don’t Cover For Your Gaps

Several reasons can force an employee to quit his job and add more gaps to his career like completing education, illness, etc. so, don’t try to hide them or cover up for them. Just be real and be upfront about it. Keep the explanation brief and you can twist the facts a little bit.

10. Don’t Exaggerate About Yourself

Employers or hiring managers can see through your exaggeration whenever you are being wordy about yourself. Don’t go overboard, control your word, and just let your achievements and experience say it all for you. The majority of the latest job openings in India are from organizations that have experienced hiring managers, so, they can reveal your true self in no time.

11. Avoid Passive Voice

Passive sentences always end up being wordy sentences and for this reason, many writers avoid using passive voice. Writers always encourage each other to use active voice, so that readers can comprehend quickly.

12. Pen Down A Story About Yourself

As soon as an employer picks up a fresh resume, they say, “Let’s see who this person is”. So, tell a short story about yourself that registers in their minds. Be precise and interesting.

13. Mention Relevant Skills Not Your Attributes

Don’t even bother to write responsible, punctual, team player, etc, on your resume. These are not the type of phrases that will get you a needed first impression. Instead use event planner, team management, solution finder, etc, like impactful phrases.

14. Edit The Non-Essentials

Keep your resume short, slim, and pinpointed. Eliminating any irrelevant topic or info will be the best idea to create an effective resume.

15. Renaming Your Resume

Don’t send your resume with the name ‘resume.pdf or resume.doc’ or something similar like them. Rename your resume with your first and last name. Also, if the company had some preferred format then adapt that and rename the file according to it.

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16. Show A Unique Personality

Uniqueness is important, especially when you need to stand out from others. A unique trait in your resume can stick in an employer’s eyes for a second. Showcase smartly your most eccentric skill in your resume.

17. Place Your Contact Info In Simplest Form

Just gently place your contact details in your resumes like contact number and email, don’t overdo it by typing your complete address. Otherwise, this will make your resume look wordier.

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