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18% GST On Paratha, 5% On Roti, Govt Is Taxing Basic Hunger Needs

The government is now imposing taxation rules on the basic hunger needs of people that will mostly affect middle and lower-class earning families. Roti or Chapati will be taxed under a 5 per cent GST slab and paratha under 18 per cent. Not so happy with this proposition, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, opposed this decision saying that even the British do not tax the food items. The main focus of this issue is why 18 per cent GST on Parathas.

18% GST On Paratha, 5% On Roti

Complaints About 18 Percent GST On Paratha

While sharing a news post, Arvind Kejriwal wrote, “Even the British did not impose a tax on food items. The biggest reason for inflation in the country today is the high GST levied by the central government. It should be reduced and people should get rid of inflation.”

“ The verdict held that 18% GST is applicable on parathas. The fresh ruling came in September after a food company appealed against the 18% GST on packaged parathas. Similar rulings have been passed by state authorities concerned as 18% GST on paratha remained a contentious issue and many appeals were made against it”, mentioned Hindustan times.

“The business which moved the appeal said it produces eight varieties of packaged paratha — the main ingredient of which is wheat flour and vegetables like radish, and potato, depending on the variety of the paratha. The appellant said pizza bread, rusk, and toasted bread are under 5% GST and while readymade parathas are under 18%, pizza bread is also not ready to eat and requires cooking. The ruling said that packaged paratha can’t attract the same GST of packaged chapati as chapatis are ready-to-eat and their ingredients are also different”, further added.

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