18 Pictures That Prove Japan Is Not Like Any Other Country

Do you know Japan isn’t allowed to have an army of its own? Well, there are many more things that make Japan unique and here are 18 such things in pictures. Have a look:

#1 Humans behaving like one.

#2 Innovation level: Legend.

#3 Again, humans behaving like humans.

#4 Unique way to do surveys.

#5 In Japan, what you see is what you get.

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#6 Time is money.

#7 Ok? Ok.

#8 You will find the most exceptional trains in Japan.

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#9 Putting tech to best use.

#10 Life is easier in Japan.

#11 Focus on details.

#12 Self and world care.

#13 Waste to wonder.

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#14 The right way to learn.

#15 Unique toilets.

#16 People aware of their duty.

#17 Supporting human-animal existence.

#18 Unique KitKat flavours.

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Feel like going to Japan?

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