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18th Anniversary Of 9/11 Attacks: What Did The World Learn From The Dreadful Event?

The unfortunate morning of September 11, 2001, brought one of the most disastrous and deadliest faces of terrorism in front of the world. A series of attacks carried out by Al-Qaeda on the United States killed thousands of people while causing serious injuries to many. The deadliest of them all was the crashing of planes into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre (WTC). Consequently, this attack on WTC become the symbol of 9/11  for the whole world. 

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18 years since this dreadful event the global community has beefed up counter-terrorism measures to avoid possibilities of any such attacks. However, looking back at it a question arises that what lessons did this event taught to the world. If that’s what you were thinking then here’s an answer to that.

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Even The Super Powers Are Vulnerable

Being a global superpower doesn’t ensure that you are safe from all kinds of terrorist attacks. The 9/11 attacks probably broke this one myth that global powers like the USA are immune from the rapid extension of terrorism. Terrorism for the first time came to be discussed as a global issue. The very fact that strategically designed and planned moves of terrorists can rock the foundation of the best of security agencies become evident. 

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Intelligence Inputs are Crucial

The foundation of a terror secure environment in a country is laid by its robust intelligence agencies. Acting promptly and actively on intelligence inputs is one of the best counter-terrorism policy. The 9/11 attacks just proved that. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the U.S.A, warned the National Security Advisor and the President’s office about a possibilities of such attacks. Taking them as regular warning round-up and not channelizing immediate actions by the Bush administration proved fatal.

Terrorism Is Not Localised

This was probably the biggest wake-up call for the world. Earlier when India reported in the UN (United Nations) about the terrorists activities channelized by Pakistan against it then it was cornered off as a local or bi-lateral affair. The general myth that terrorism is localized in the middle-east and sub-continent region was dispelled. The world came to notice the fact that terrorism is not a confined phenomenon rather an expanding one which affects us all.

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Unstable Political Setup A Breeding Ground For Terrorism

Unstable polity is the growth channel for terrorism. This one thing is evident from the analysis of terror hotbeds across the globe. Be, it Afghanistan or Pakistan or the Middle Eastern countries like Yemen and Iraq unstable polity has acted as an opportunity for terrorism to extend its grip over the nation. In the run-up to the 9/11 attacks, U.S.A too witnessed unstable political atmosphere. President Clinton survived an impeachment followed by charges of sexual harassment which further led to the revealing of other scandals involving him. Thus, an atmosphere of political mistrust prevailed in the USA during that times. 


So, what do you think, did the world learn any lesson in real sense from 9/11? And are there possibilities of attacks of such magnitude on the USA in the future? Do let us know your views.


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