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19 Unusual And Mysterious Photos That Crave Your Attention

Creepiness and mysteries have forever excited the human race. And why not, we need reasons to feel amazed and confused.  So if you, like us, have been looking out for reasons to be confused and scared, then here are 19 unusual pictures that crave your attention.

1.The McMinnville UFO Photo

The McMinnville UFO photographs

In May 1950, a picture was taken by Paul Trent at his farm near McMinnville in the United States that show a metallic disk-shaped object moving slowly in the skies. People often term it as a UFO.

2. Man In Front Of Army Tanks

army tanks

The identity and intentions of the man who can be seen single-handedly trying to block the path of over a dozen People’s Liberation Army tanks still remain unknown.

3. Island-in-a-lake-on-an-island-in-a-lake-on-an-island


Google Earth captured this image showing a tiny island with a lake called Crater lake in its vicinity that has been enclosed on an island called Volcano Island.

4. John F Kennedy’s Assassination

john f kennedy

The unknown woman in the picture is believed to have had filmed the entire John F Kennedy’s assassination. The FBI was never able to locate her.

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5. A Time Traveller?


In a picture that was captured in 1938, this woman who appears to be holding a cell phone puzzles many. Cellphone was invented in 1973.

6. Red Lake

red lake

Yet another Google image that shows a lake 0utside Sadr City in Iraq. Strangely the colour of the lake is red and there is no official explanation for the same.

7. Giant Snake

giant fish

A  French photographer Robert Serrec in 1964 spotted a giant snake-like creature floating in the ocean. The one like never seen before.

8. Ghost Of Newby Church

Newby Church

Scared of ghosts? Skip this part. A chilling shot snapped by the Reverend K.F. Lord shows a spectral figure wearing a cowl and standing by the altar. The capturer swears there were no people in the church when he took the photo.

9. Black Knight

black knight

The cryptic space-ship looking like object named Black Knight was once spotted following an unusual orbit upping scientists’ curiosity.

10. Freddy Jackson In The Photo

freddy jackson

The picture shows Freddy Jackson in the background of a group photo that was taken two days after his death.

11. The White Lady

In 1975, when Peter Berthelot visited the Worstead Church and was capturing his wife praying, he was unaware that he is also capturing a White lady who was believed to haunt the church.

12. Who Is He?

hooded man

A man wearing a sunglass, hooded jacket and a printed sweater in a picture clicked in 1941? That doesn’t seem right to me.

13. Battle of Los Angeles


An unidentified aircraft was spotted in the sky hours after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. Fearing another attack, military forces fired over 1,400 anti-aircraft shells into the sky and apparently hit nothing.

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14. Killed By Gas


The faces of the two men who earlier were thought to be dead and thrown into the sea appeared to be floating on the water.

15. Moving Stones

valley of death

Ever seen a stone moving all by itself? The Valley of death in California is famous for the weird phenomenon.

16. The Dyatlov Pass incident (1959)

In 1959, investigators investigating the death of two trekkers found that the victims had to cut a hole through their tent and run away from something while wearing minimal clothing.

17.  The Falcon Lake Incident (1967)


Stefan Michalak approached a UFO-like object that he claims burnt his cloth and chest and took off. Doctors and authorities could not explain his injuries.

18. The face of Mars (1976)


The Viking 1 spacecraft in a snap captured a face appearing from the surface of Mars and looking back at the spaceship from the ground.

19. Massacre


The mysterious image shows a number of horses that died suddenly.

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