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2 Burj Khalifa Size Asteroids To Hit Earth On September 14?

It has not been a while since two gigantic asteroids flew past Earth on August 28, 2019. And now in a De-Ja-Vu like occurrence, it is being speculated that a pair of asteroids, almost the size of Burj Khalifa are inching closer to the Earth, and will probably fly past the same on September 14. Classified as Near-Earth Objects by NASA’s Centre for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), asteroids identified as 2000 QW7 and 2010 CO1 will come dangerously close to the Earth within the next 24 hours. In case there is a contact, the asteroids are humongous enough to cause deadly tsunamis, earthquakes and flattening winds that would be life-threatening.


Pulled by the impactful gravitational force of the Earth, asteroids could be catastrophic. And for facts, asteroids hitting isn’t an alien phenomenon. A car-size asteroid hit the Earth every once in a while, probably a year. However, asteroids as big as 2000 QW7 and 2010 CO1, flew past or hit Earth, once in every million years. If these asteroids hit the Earth, the loss of property and life is unimaginable.


Asteroids Discovery

First discovered on August 26, 2000, asteroid 2000 QW7, will approach towards Earth at 11:54 am GMT. The 2,133 feet asteroid is currently travelling at a speed of approx 14,000 miles per hour. During its closest approach, asteroid 2000 QW7 will be 0.035428 astronomical units(AU).

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On the other hand, discovered in January 2010, 2010 CO1 will be the second asteroid to approach Earth on 14th September. The latter is currently travelling at a tremendous speed of about 51,696 km/ph. However, the size of the asteroid – 260 meters wide and 120 meters long – is much smaller than the former.


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