20 Times When People Took Their Mask Game To The Next Level

Mask has become an essential part of our lives. And to be honest, we will have to use it for a while because coronavirus, as per WHO, may stay with us forever. So with that being something to worry about, the mask industry might see innovation in the coming days. And that innovation might take inspiration from some of these funny masks people have sought to over the last few months. Have a look:

1. When you like birds.
Source – Sweetbadger, Reddit

2. I would not mind using this mask.
Source – Dezen

3. I don’t know if this can protect you, but it’s what it’s.
Source –

4. We have a new Avenger in the town.
Source – u/jetster735180, Reddit

5. When you gotta smile and be safe.
Source – News 18

6. Creepy is the word.
Source – Exclaim

7. If cuteness were a mask, it would have looked like this.
Source – staceyjg314, Reddit

8. Simple hand -ade stuff.
Source – ChillyStrawberry

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9. This, most of us have seen, right? The cutest thing on the internet.

10. Some love for pets too.
Source – USA Today

ViralBake Telegram
11. The vegan mask.
Source – Daily Mail

12. Your Mask gotta match with your clothes.
Source – Sun

13. The environment-friendly inexpensive mask.
Source – Loksatta

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14. When coronavirus wants to maintain distance from humans.
Source – djcubedmofo, Reddit

15. Safety loaded costume with the best mask in town.
Source – Pinterest

16. Protecting your car from coronavirus
Source – Bored Panda

17. Go far or go home.
Source – h_saltovka, Reddit

18. What’s your name Mr. Ghost?
Source – Bored Panda

19. Modern problems, modern solutions.
Source – Tweets by

20. Last but not least.
Source – Bemorepanda

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Which mask did you like the most?

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