13 Tweets That Sum Up 2020 For Most Of Us. Pull The Tissue Box Closer

2020 has been a bust. And for the first time, I feel pathetic about not being able to do anything. However, hopefully, the only thing that has held me up is the fact that I’m not only the one who is not able to do anything.

Yes, you can taunt me for finding pleasure in others’ pain but is there any other source of pleasure left? So let it be. Thus, to ‘find pleasure in others’ pain,’ I scrolled through Twitter to scoop out these 15 tweets that will sum up 2020 for most of us.

Have a look:

#1. No more emergencies, please!!

#2. Ikr?

#3. Weeps in the corner.

#4. Maybe

#5. Hold on!!

#6. I bet you have.

#7. Well Well!!

#8. Indeed!!

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#9. And there goes 2020!!

#10. Take me to Assam!!

#11. Sab upar wale pe cchd diya hai!!

#12. So me!! Coz I’m a Good person.

#13. We can use that.

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