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27 Persons In China Have Been Punished For The “Tragically Ugly” Math Textbook Pictures

27 persons have received punishment from Chinese authorities as a result of the publishing of a math textbook whose “tragically awful” graphics caused it to go viral.

The books were “not lovely,” and some of the drawings were “very ugly” and did not “fully portray the sunny image of China’s youngsters,” according to a working committee from the ministry of education’s months-long study.

The math textbooks were apparently utilised in primary classrooms all around the nation when they were released by the People’s Education Press over ten years ago. However, they gained notoriety in May when a teacher posted images of the artwork within. These included photographs of males clutching ladies’ skirts and at least one youngster with what seemed to be a leg tattoo.

The images mostly pleased social media users, but many also criticised them for defaming China and causing “culture destruction,” suggesting that western infiltrators in the education system were deliberately behind them.

The Communist party and educational officials were embarrassed when related hashtags received billions of views, and they launched a review of all textbooks “to guarantee that the textbooks comply to the right political direction and value orientation.”

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The president of the publishing house received formal demerits, which can have an impact on a party member’s standing and potential employment, according to a lengthy statement issued on Monday by the education authorities, who claimed that 27 people had been found to have “neglected their duties and responsibilities” and were punished. Additionally penalised and fired from their positions were the chief editor and the director of the editing office for the math department.

The message did not provide specifics, just that the artists and designers were “treated correctly.” It said that they will no longer be hired to work on textbook design or related projects, along with their studios.

The publications were found to have a long list of difficulties, according to the harsh statement, including criticism of the size, number, and calibre of the drawings, some of which had “scientific and normative concerns.”

On Weibo, hundreds of millions of people saw and debated the findings of the probe, with some debating whether the penalties were severe enough.

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