29 Things From The 90s That No Generation Can Ever Replace, Likh Ke Lelo

One just can’t screw up the 90s. You can try for yourself and would invariably fail; for things were so simpler back then. And today, when we infrequently take a trip down the memory lane, we realize how things from the 90s could be extinct (in the present scenario) but yet priceless.   

The 90s was a time when playing outside was bliss and celebrating an event was more important than posting about it on social media. Remember the time? When Pokemon cards were the ultimate treasure and “5 minutes or khelne do mummy” the most endearing request.

Again, life was so much easier and simpler back in the 90s. A blank slate, that we caressed with memories that we today un-pouch as stories or simply smile at.

As a 90’s kid, I have always adored the retarded concepts and things from the era that’s never coming back. And to fill the void with memories, herein we remember 29 things from the 90s that are irreplaceable.

The iconic centuries by Sachin Tendulkar in Sharjah in two straight innings that helped India win the Coca-Cola tri-series cup is one memory that would forever be etched in every 90s kid heart.
Sachin Tendulkar in Sharjah
This was certainly more of a toy than a piggy bank that also introduced us with the idea of savings. And still, we fail to save money. xoxo
90s things
90s comic made more sense. They were both funny and entertains a unique way to deliver a message that children needed.
indian comics in the 90s
This “Action ka school Time” kid had us yearning for a new pair of shoes.
actin ka school time
We had our first indigineous superhero in Shakitmaan. But kya Gangadhar hi Shaktimaan hai?
“Gel pen se writing achi hoti hai,” this was certainly the biggest myth that still lurks in every nibba and nibbi out there.
gel pen 90s
I remember how me and my parents used to put new covers on books to prepare us for a new school session. The excitement that came along these small things is something incomparable.
book covers
When vacation was a synonym to visiting grandparents and requesting them to prepare food that has no comparison.
90s kids
Signal aye? Or abb? Abb?

The Jalebi kid ad potrays a story of every kid fond of food.
jalebi advertisement

That moment when your father would tilt the scooter to make it start. And also we remember sitting on the scooter facing in the opposite direction.
Contra proves that a game doesn’t need cool graphics to lure someone to play it. Guns are enough.
Nothing taste betters than powdered toothpaste. Although we have alternatives today, I would still want to try it.
Campa now Coca Cola still is the jaan of every party.

Proud to be born in an era when matchboxes were this scary. Who did come up with such a name.
90s things from india
I may not have one right now, however, collecting these cardboard train tickets was one thing that kept me busy.
old train tickets
Back in the 90s, premiered once in a week, was Mahabharat surely one of the most awaited shows that had our Sunday mornings sorted.
90s was the era of khiladis and among all, Akshay Kumar gave us major Khiladi goals.
akshay Kumar in 90s
There was always something wrong with our TV.
90s things from India
When we were more concerned about the exam board and not the exam itself. Also, remember how we would stock new pencils and rubbers for the exam.
When cassettes were i our life, selecting what song to hear was one task apart from waiting for the song to play.
Among all the 90s things I own, Rs. 1 and 2 notes are in the most tattered form ever. However, their uniqueness spews from their size more than their state.
old notes
Aashiqui set the bar high for every young couple back in the 90s. And the songs from the movie that became the love anthems still string a chord in our heart.
90s Aashiqui
90s fashion was mostly women-centric, bright and yet attractive at the same time. Today, you will find Ranveer Singh wearing one of these.
Time came on a standstill when Ganguly and Dravid stitched a world record partnership of 318 in the World Cup match against the defending Srilanka. Cricket has changed a lot, I tell you.
90s was a time with no dedicated cartoon channel, however, a 90s kid would be able to recall the likes of Arabian Nights and Jungle Book that entertained us.
Before Hajmola made its appearance felt, Fatafat digestive pills took our taste buds on a roller coaster ride.
Magic Pops were notorious for the alien sensation they used to create in our mouth. Students would trick their friends to try the same and curiously await their reaction.
90s kid candy
Playing Ghoda Chamar Khai with friends was a delight I would never forget.
90s game

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