3 Most In-Demand Skills to Have on Your Resume

Today’s hiring decisions are based on the skills you possess. Landing your dream job and getting rejected completely depends on the set of skills you have. It is because, over the number of degrees you have, the current recruitment criteria of many companies are now based on the abilities you have mastered. It is to decide how job-ready you are. Skill proficiency levels mentioned on your resume present you the chance to negotiate a higher salary and offer the edge over the peer trying to apply for the same position.

3 Most In-Demand Skills to Have on Your Resume

Skills That You Must Have on Your Resume

Now with, new technologies like AI and the pandemic period has forced companies to look for unique sets of skills in fresh candidates. More than 80% of employers now look for a bunch of hard skills in the latest job openings in India, then soft skills.

Here’re the top 3 skills in-demand that should definitely be on your resume:

  • IT skills (for ex, blockchain, AI and cybersecurity)
  • Software Development
  • Data Analysis

Hard Skills- A Major Advantage in the Job Sector

Keeping it straightforward: Hard skills have always mattered in hiring, but they’ve become even more crucial since ChatGPT launched in late 2022. According to Eva Chan, a certified professional resume writer at Resume Genius, companies now prioritize them even more.

Even in fields like education, marketing, and retail, the need for AI familiarity or proficiency in various software programs is becoming more common in job requirements, as noted by Chan.

When talking about your hard skills in a resume or interview, Chan advises keeping it specific and giving clear examples.

So, instead of using words like ‘coding’ in your resume, you can highlight the form of coding you know, like HTML or Javascript, Python, etc.

“Or, if you’re explaining your experience with project management (another in-demand hard skill) on your resume, you can write: “Led a 15-person team in a year-long project and completed it 50 days ahead of the deadline,” or whatever the specific metrics are,” suggests Mr Chan.

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You don’t have to include every skill listed on Resume Genius to succeed in your job search. For example, if you’re aiming to be a nurse, you don’t need to be an expert in software development. However, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the skills in demand for the jobs you’re interested in. Look at job descriptions, check out company career pages, or connect with people in those roles to find out which skills have been most helpful for them.

“Including hard skills on your resume ultimately tells any employer that you’re adaptable, open and able to learn new skills quickly,” says Chan. “That’s easily one of the most attractive qualities you can find in a prospective employee,” mentioned CNBC.

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