3-Year-Old Girl Records A Song About ‘Dinosaurs In Love’ And Spotify Wants A Release Date

Children are known to adopt the qualities of their parents and often hone them in their ways. Something same happened between British musician Tom Rosenthal and his daughter.

The 3-year-old daughter of the artist named Fenn came up with an inserting song titled ‘Dinasour in love.’ The 1-minute song that she shared on the web had got the internet sobbing.

The most amazing part about the song is that Fenn has written all the lyrics of the song by herself and Tom has a little contribution to the same. While sharing the song on his profile, Tom said that Fenn came up with the lyrics all by herself and he helped her a little with the tune.

Dinosaur in love

Since being shared, the song titled Dianasour in love has collected a whopping 5.1 million views already. The song has already garnered 100s appreciative comments.

Even music-streaming app Spotify couldn’t resit but only ask Tom if three-year-old Fenn had decided on an official release date.

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