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4 Cools Ways To Style Your Saree Look This Onam

Festivals and dressing are two things that go hand in hand. Without donning the traditional and ethnic wear celebrations are almost incomplete in Indian festivals. With the Onam celebrations up here, we are sure that your traditional Kasavu sarees would be out. 

Onam Saree


But don’t you want to style your saree in a way that breaks away from the monotony of dressing? If your answer is yes then here are 4 cool ways you can style up your saree look this Onam. Check it out.

Mix It Up With Your Blouse

The blouse is an integral part of your saree attire. To add some uniqueness to the style, you can mix things up with a heavy golden bordered blouse. If that’s not your taste then opting for a rich black color blouse would surely help you turn some heads with your looks.

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It’s hard to imagine dressing in saree without some authentic traditional jewelry. Set up your saree look with a multi-layered necklace, accompanied by matching earrings and golden bangles. Well, if you want to go simple then also there is a stylish way to do that. Tie your hair up in a bun and don the Gajra and twist it up with a bindi on the forehead. 

Strike A Color Theme

Pick a color and arrange your accessories and stuff accordingly. Say, you pick “Golden Color” as your theme than wear a saree with golden borders, match it up with a golden print or light golden blouse and flavor it up with traditional gold jewelry. 



Simple And Plain

If mixing and matching and a heavy layer of jewelry don’t go up with your sense of dressing then going simple is also cool. Wear a plain white saree and glass made bangles matching the color of your blouse. Toss it up with tilak followed by a small size bindi. 


So, go out and spice up your traditional saree clad look this Onam and tells us how many eyeballs you grabbed? 

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