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Grief Struck Owner Posts Care Instructions For Her Beloved 400-Years-Old Bonsai Tree (Worth $118,000 Millions) That Got Stolen

Recently, bonsai bandits break into an expansive bonsai garden outside Tokyo and took off with a 400 years old bonsai tree. Mind you, the stolen tree is also considered to be from the endangered species of bonsai trees.

This is what the owner Fuyumi Iimura has to say to the thieves. Her request will make you feel her pain.

What’s her request?

400 Years Old Bonsai

Under the photo of stolen bonsai, Fuyumi Iimura pleads to take care of his 400-years-old bonsai, by saying, “Please water them.”

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In one of her post, she wrote “It was like losing a child. The only thing worse would be if the trees weren’t properly cared for and centuries’ worth of work withered away because of neglect.”

What’s so special about the bonsai?

They belong to the Shimpaku class of bonsai trees that are famous for its irregular shape. They are normally 3ft tall and 2ft wide. Limura’s bonsai trees are reported as some of the most exquisite bonsai trees in the existence. That means they worth a million, in case, you were wondering what was motive then you got your answer.

“I want whoever took the bonsai to make sure they are watered. The shimpaku lived for 400 years. It needs care and can’t survive a week without water.

Though shimpaku was not the only tree that was stolen. These bonsai bandits has stolen 7 bonsai trees in total, that worth $118,000 and if found the right buyer the price can go even higher.

Little knowledge about the owners

400 Years Old Bonsai

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Seiji Limura is a fifth-generation bonsai master and his family has been planting and taking care of bonsai since the Edo period.

He owns an expensive family garden filled with many beautiful trees and bonsai plants. Even though they knew their garden holds some of the most beautiful and expensive plants, bur Limura family never restrict anyone from visiting their garden.

They lacked the security measures, as a result, those thieves didn’t have to face much trouble while stealing.

In Conclusion:

After this incident, the Limura family might not allow people to visit their garden filled with beautiful bonsai’s. They suspect that the theft was carried out with a team. The owners believe, thieves must have a Bonsai expert working with them who told them exactly what to steal.

It’s so sad that people steal such things that hold great cultural value for money. And it’s a shame that such things happen with people who open their arms for everyone and trust others blindly. Had they been more skeptical about who can enter their house and look at their bonsai’s, it might still be in their possession and not got stolen.

Now, we only hope those stolen bonsai plants don’t die because of someone’s profit!

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