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Like Mars? Here’s The First 4K Video Of Mars, Taken By Rovers, That Capture Its Amazing Beauty

Mars sounds to be a fun place to be in right now for this world is pretty messed up currently. Well, that is all folks.

Do you ever sit there looking at the sky wondering what Mars would be looking like right now? Trust me I do it a lot. And with a lot I mean a lot. I have always been fascinated by how Mars looks like from both the inside and the outside. And though we have many images to give us a glimpse of the same, but a 4K video of Mars is literally a different thing.

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) robotic rovers named Curiosity, Spirit, and Opportunity recently captured stunning views of Mars.

The video when watched has these deserts, dunes, outcroppings, and the cracked ground strewn with jagged rocks that look like the ones we find on Earth.

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Also, the fun fact is the colour of the sky that Mars entertains. From yellow yo blue to well known hazy red, it has got it all.

As per a report by New York Post, the locations being shown in the video have been named as, Cape Verde, Santa Maria Crater, Burns Cliff and Marathon Valley Entrance.

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All of these places look so amazing and I would not mind being lost here. Just get me enough food and water.

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