Telegram Features That We Would Surely Wish To See On WhatsApp

Telegram is gradually making its application more engaging by introducing new features with time. It has now led to a rise in its usage and popularity, especially in India. It offers several interesting features, such as scheduling messages, screen sharing, chat folders, personal cloud storage, which you cannot find on WhatsApp. However, here is the few Telegram features that we want to see on WhatsApp.

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Top 5 Telegram Features That WhatsApp Should Adopt

1.      Chat Folders

This feature makes Telegram quite different from WhatsApp. With this feature, it is said as an open-source platform that is used for public discussions and a one-way broadcast communication stream. In case, you have several channels on the main list, now you can separate them from family and work stuff and then swipe between the tabs to quickly access any of your chats. In Telegram, you will find a “Folders” feature in the settings section, which permits you to create tabs for Work, Home, or anything else.

2.      Video Screen Sharing

This popular application allows you to share your device’s screen during a video call. However, video screen sharing feature is only available for group video calls. You are simply required to start a video call and then tap on the three-dotted button. Now, you will get few options and then select screen sharing.

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Telegram will now show two small screens, one to show your face and the other for screen sharing. You can choose it accordingly. The minimizing process is also similar.

3.      Cloud Storage

Telegram is a cloud-based messenger, unlike WhatsApp. Here, users get access to their messages from several devices at once. Also, users find a personal “Saved Messages” section in the app. With the help of this, users can save photos or jot down important messages and they will be backed up on Telegram’s secure cloud, just like your chats.

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To experience this feature, you must visit the menu available on the top left of the screen. The Saved Messages feature can be accessed from the devices you have logged in to. With Telegram, you can send files up to 2 GB, which you don’t find on WhatsApp.

4.      Archived Box

Both the apps let you Archive chats, but Telegram provides a better way to access the hidden chats. WhatsApp asks you to scroll until the end of the chat window to find the Archive section, but Telegram lets you access the Archive box by just swiping down once on the main list. After this, the Archive box will appear at the top of the screen. Also, it disappears automatically when you scroll down a bit.

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5.      Schedule Messages

This incredible feature is only found on Telegram. The schedule messages feature allows users to schedule messages, and also edit any time they want. You must know that the maximum time you get to make changes to your text messages is two days after they were sent. This feature is available for both groups as well as individual chats.

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