5 Effective Tips to Safeguard Your Money in This Digital Era

Today’s world runs on data. It has become one of the most expensive things now. Your sensitive information like Aadhaar, PAN or bank details in the hands of authorities can serve as essential proof. But in the hands of a scammer, it may result in losing all your life savings. Always look where your data has been delivered or whose possession it is in. Here are the five tips to help you more regarding safeguarding your money in this digital world.

5 Effective Tips to Safeguard Your Money

Here’re the 5 Effective Ways to Protect Your Money

1. Download and Use Only Verified Apps

If you don’t want any malware to infect your phone, then only trust and download apps from verified sources like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. If you are willing to download your apps from third-party sources then you should also be ready for the consequences. These apps may redirect you to different sites or URLs which can result in data theft, security breach, etc, on your device.

2. Don’t Fall for Unknown Investment Offers

Completely ignore investment offers received from unknown sources. They can be potential scam messages to lure you into getting your sensitive info or financial details. Ultimately you will fall for financial fraud.

3. Don’t Disclose Your Private Data At Any Cost

Whether Offline or online you should never disclose your private data to anyone. Unless you are sure that the asking website or a person is a legitimate representative of an organisation don’t give any sensitive info.

4. Use Secure WIFI Connection

“Financial fraud can also result from the desire to utilise the free Wi-Fi in a cafe, hotel lobby, or airport. For financial transactions, stay away from public hotspots. Public networks are more vulnerable to the risk of data theft because it is easy to break their encryption and gain access to the sensitive data in your account.”

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5. Avoid Benefits that are Too Good to Be True

While surfing the internet or casually browsing your device’s message section you may come across various lucrative messages claiming that you have won a massive prize money that if you don’t click it it will probably be spam. Remember, nothing is free in this world.

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