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5 Facts About Batman And His Body That Every Fan Should Know About

Batman the name that needs no introduction. One of the most popular superheroes of all time. People might love Ironman 3000 times. But fans love for this black-suited superhero from DC comics is infinite.

The main reason for that is that Batman is not a super-superhero. He doesn’t have any superpower, yet he is able to stand in front of Doomsday (the deadliest supervillain in DC universe).

Although, Batman got no superpower his body has adapted to his modern crime-fighting lifestyle. Do you know about these changes that Batman’s body adapted? If you don’t here are the 5 weird facts about Batman body.

1. Batman’s Addiction For The Bane Venom

Batman's Addiction For The Bane Venom

Batman is a mere human but he has got above average human strength. Rigorous training is one thing that helped him grow strong. But that not the only thing, in his early days, this greatest detective (Batman) decided to start using Bane’s venom.

As it helped increase his physical strength. But it also made him aggressive (kind of insane). However, Batman realized his addiction and locked himself in the bat-cave for a month, just to break his addiction.

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2. Batman Don’t Really Need 7 Hours Sleep

Batman doesn't sleep

Batman fights crime in the night time, one can easily understand that his sleeping schedule must be different. In the comic books, Batman can be seen taking Micro naps, which are longer than what you expect.

He has trained his body in a way that now he can function normally for three, four days without sleeping his eyes at all. He doesn’t need 7 hours sleep, as he can rest and restore his body with just a 3 hours sleep.

3. Batman’s Broken Back

Batman Broken Back

Only true fans know about this and for those who don’t know, Batman had his back broken by Bane in the comics. The injury was severe, Batman suffered ‘fulcrum-type stress fracture,’ which can’t be treated by our normal human medical treatment.

He was helped by the Doctor Shondra Kinsolving. Who used meta-human healing powers to restore Batman’s back. But the powers she used to heal Batman, left her in a mental state of a child for several years.

4. Just Like Mahadev Poison Doesn’t Affect Batman

Poison Doesn't Affect Batman Just Like Mahadev

Over the years, by playing as a superhero, Bruce Wayne has fought some of the craziest villains Scarecrow is one of them. He has been exposed to a number of poisons and toxins. That has helped to develop his body and now his body has developed a resistance to certain kinds of poisons.

His body has developed antibodies that fight against a certain kind of poisons and improves his immunity. And in case of mind-altering gases that villains like Scarecrow use. All that Batman needs is his will-power. You can say he is immune to poisons.

5. Batman Is Not A Human Anymore

 facts about batman

Although he got no superpowers, his skills have as a fighter proved that he is not just an average human anymore. To attain this he has trained his body as no-one else can do. Batman has won more than 5 times against Superman. And remember he got no superpowers.

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Bruce has trained with several warriors and knows 127 different forms of martial arts that includes Judo, Karate, Krav Maga, Capoeira, Silat and Kickboxing. No doubt all the bad guys in Gothan are scared of him.

In Conclusion:

Every Batman fan should know about these facts about batman and his body. It’s good that now you know all these facts. Now you can show off your knowledge in front of your friends to look cool.

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