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5 Hidden Gems In Goa That You Must Add To Your Itinerary

Goa!! The name is enough to send party vibes down our veins and you better not deny the fact. Known for its exotic beaches, amazing nightlife and wondrous weather, Goa’s palette of to-dos and places to visit lures its visitors enough. However, the fact the Goa entertains a considerable number of people all year round might discomfort the one who wants to parts way from the hustle and bustle.

So if the above description fits you, then here are five hidden gems in Goa that you can visit in peace.

1. Chorla Ghats

Chorla Ghats


Chorla Ghats lies to the northeast of Panaji on the intersection of borders of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Chorla Ghats are home to several small and big waterfalls that don a dusky texture during monsoon adding to their aesthetics. The Vazira Shakira Fall is one you must visit to behold the biodiversity, valleys and mountains it entails in its vicinity.

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2. Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary  


Situated in the eastern border of Goa Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is the place to be; if you wish to be close to both flora and fauna. The less-crowded sanctuary is famous for spotting reptiles like leopards, Gaurs and sloth bears. Exploring these natural habitats is an excellent way to promote sustainable Goa tourism.

3. Butterfly Conservatory of Goa

butterfly conservatory


Chasing Butterflies never goes out of fashion, especially when they are in abundance. The Butterfly Conservatory in Goa is home to 100s of species of butterfly. Although you won’t be able to track them all at once, however, on a regular day, one can expect to see at least 25 species of them. A park with a butterfly fluttering past you. Divine it is.

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4. Arvalem caves

 arvalem caves goa


Arvalem caves hail from 6th century BC and would spew excitement among historians or someone interested in barging into abandoned places. Some believe that these caves were erected by travelling Buddhist monks out of single laterite rock, while others say that these chambers have a connection with the five Pandava brothers. Besides these facts, the place doesn’t see much crowd.

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5. Querim (Keri) Beach

keri beach


Among so many beaches in Goa, Querim (Keri) Beach stands out for the lull that prevails on the beach. The beach away from busier parts of Goa sports pine trees, casuarina trees and allows magnificent views of the ancient Portuguese fort. Moreover, when on Querim, you may also want to visit the white Ajoba Temple to add a flavour of spirituality to your trip.

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