5 High Nutrient Foods To Consume For Healthy Kidneys

High Nutrient Foods

Worried about your Kidneys? Don’t think too much, we are here to help. It’s a good sign you are thinking about your long term health. Because you may have two kidneys you need them both for your body to work efficiently. Diseases are always a few steps behind us, little carelessness can become fatal at any moment. And diseases related to Kidneys are becoming very common in today’s era, about 10 per cent of the world population is affected by them.
These bean-shaped organs are small but are very powerful and perform major functions nonstop to keep you on the run.

Kidney health

Major functions of our Kidneys are:

  • To filter waste products.
  • Release the hormones to regulate your blood pressure.
  • Keep the fluids of our body in balance.
  • Producing urine
  • And many other functions that cannot be explained in this short article.

High Nutrient Foods & Healthy Kidneys

Well, Diet is the key to managing your overall health, but you can modify your diet plan to target a particular body organ. There are a variety of high nutrient foods that affect your different body parts positively. Some special food items can not help you to prevent any type of Kidney disease, but they can also improve your kidney functioning.

Note: People with kidney diseases are suggested not to eat some special foods that contain the following nutrient:

  • Sodium: sodium is not friendly when you have kidney problems. Damaged kidneys can’t filter out the sodium.
  • Potassium: Potassium plays many vital roles in a healthy body, but for the damaged kidneys doctors do not recommend it. You will have to limit your potassium intake.
  • Phosphorus: Kidneys that are not healthy can’t remove excess phosphorus. High levels of phosphorus can damage our bodies.

Let’s Take A Look At Our Prepared List Of High Nutrient Foods For Healthy Kidneys



Cauliflower is the most versatile healthy food item that is easily available whenever you want to eat. This food is the perfect replacement for other high nutrient food that contains too much potassium, sodium and phosphorus.

Eggs Whites

Eggs Whites

Eggs Whites are the best source of kidney-friendly protein. But remember not to eat egg yolks when you have any type of kidney problem. Egg yolks contain a high amount of phosphorus which is not friendly for damaged kidneys. And egg whites are a very cheap and easily available source of protein.


Garlic High Nutrient Foods

Garlic is the best alternative to salt, for kinder disease patients. For healthy people, garlic provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

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Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a very healthy source of fat that is phosphorus-free. That makes it a very compatible food option for people having kidney problems.


Pineapple High Nutrient Foods

Pineapple is a very delicious fruit that contains fibre, manganese, vitamin C and many more beneficial nutrients. This fruit is the best option for a low potassium diet.

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